1. Comparing the width of her arm to the width of her face, this photo has skewed size perspective (presumably intentional effect with lens choice).

  2. It's called barrel distortion (caused by a wide angle lens) and makes the focus of the image seem a lot bigger than things even a tiny bit further away.

  3. Agreed. I have a pic of my wife holding my dog and he looked enormous vs actual size. Was just the perspective of the pic.

  4. Right? Like why cant there be ONE picture that accurately conveys its size?? they all make it look unrealistically big

  5. Definitely but they are fucking huge. My friend has one and he’s easily 2.5 times the size of my boy who is a big ass farm cat.

  6. When I was a kid in Maine, this scrawny little kitten showed up on our doorstep. We took him in and fed him and he grew up. And kept growing. He ended up around 30 pounds. When he stretched out in the sun he was longer than our yardstick. And he was fluffy and looked BIGGER. God I loved that thicc ass fucking cat.

  7. My family pet was a Maine coon mix. I measured him once when he was all stretched out, head to end of tail, almost 4 feet. One of the roommates I had sometime after moving out had an 8 pound female cat, I thought it was a runt, but the roommate said her cat was full-grown. My family's large fluffy yowler passed away recently, still the smartest cat I've known. And the only one that yowled like a fucking human baby sometimes.

  8. Maine coons are actually one of the most docile laid back cats ever. They only really attack if you are severely aggrivating or threatening them.

  9. Had one cat that was a bit smaller than this, somewhat of a temperamental little shit; no idea when he would just randomly bite your ankles.

  10. I hope to god that thing is an outdoor cat. Otherwise that litter box must have the entire house smelling like cat, shit.

  11. My uncle had a maine coon named Gerby. When my uncle was in hospice care Gerby never left his side. My aunt had to move Gerby's bowls and litter box into the bedroom.

  12. oh yeah it's not THAT big. Still a bigass cat but one of mine is 8kg if it was a male cat it could have been as big I'd guess.

  13. Maine coons tend to put on a resting bish face at times. But i’d walk up and kiss that thing on the cheek without a second thought. They’re people pleasers with a small side of sassy.

  14. My parents had a Main Coon from birth and that thing was the size of a regular house cat at like 2 months. He ended being almost 4 feet long, and weighted almost 50lbs when he passed. Cool part was the cat would only poop outside. Occasionally he'd use the litter box to pee, but he was naturally house trained to go outside without any initiative.

  15. I had one like that that peed and pooped outside too. My new one doesn't go outside though. He is a great mouse, bug catcher, and loves chirpi g at birds through the window. He would kill all the songbirds if he did go outside.

  16. I can't get my head over the fact that there are a quite a lot of large cats and people confuse it with dogs ?? Because of the white fur ?

  17. Okay, I'm not even sure if this is biologically possible, but is that a main coon crossbred with a lynx or something? Or maybe a genetic mutation? This picture is melting my brain

  18. looks real but as other has mentioned -- pic is probably some sort of force perspective. If you look at her arm it too looks bigger.

  19. I have three of these giant fluffy bastards. They are smarter then you would think and sweet 99% of the time. But piss one off and there will be blood.

  20. My mom has a mainecoon who's rather smol for her breed, but she has all the mannerisms of a big cat and it's fucking hilarious. Those big squinty "I'm gonna eat you" eyes. She always lays down with one arm under her and the other one stretched out as far as it goes. I've never seen a housecat do that before, she looks like the lions at the zoo

  21. Can maine coons breed with lynxes? (With help?) This looks like an albino lynx hybrid more than a maine coon to me. But I admit my lack of feline expertise.

  22. Looking at other pictures of him it appears a lot of this is forced perspective, also that woman is short. Based on other pictures, he appears to be a bit smaller than a bobcat. So its still big compared to other house cats, its not the size of a large breed dog like this photo makes it seem.

  23. These pics are all shot to get clicks - its a 26 lb cat, I had a 22-23lb cat and it was a normal looking car, just like a touch bigger in all dimension...not this mountain lion looking fakery.

  24. You're being downvoted, but I tend towards thinking you're right. The current largest Maine Coone in the world is Barivel, and he doesn't look anywhere near this large:

  25. My cats been mistaken for a small dog, but he’s hardly that big! A solid 17-18lbs, but I swear his paws feel as ginormous as this cats! Lmao.

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