1. There is one in Cupertino, California. Nobody wants to go there since home is more comfortable and no commute. Apple’s $4 billion saucer that won’t fly…literally and figuratively.

  2. Direction of the wall follows the path of the sun to maximise photosynthesis of all the plants/trees down below or inside.

  3. Car-free public transit is more efficient when a city is relatively long and narrow. High speed mag lev rapid transit right thru the center, then each wall being walking distance from centre line.

  4. Because by making it a straight line you can build high speed trains that can go from one end to another in minutes. That's the main reason, that despite two distant points not being close in space, they are close in time.

  5. Nice trailer! So hyped for this movie, futuristic dystopian cities full of crime, corruption, and class differences is my favorite kind of setting.

  6. Crime? It's Saudi, anyone caught stealing will have their hands cut off and thrown from atop the wall

  7. It's a cool idea. Until your realize the rich will start taking over the upper levels and getting the natural light. While the rest of us toil away in the lower levels.

  8. The lower class will be working in the fuel mines, risking their life to make sure the upper class gets their luxury life. There is no middle class, that had been all automated.

  9. People are dumping on this but it seems pretty dope - it looks like everyone might be living on the outer perimeter and would all have a “window seat” and/or have access to the roof.

  10. Exactly, but I honestly see this not happening at all, like cmon, how many megalomaniac projects like these are milked by the media and never get past the cool CGI phase?

  11. Yeah, engineering-wise it’s feasible. Socially, it’s feasible… but not in Saudi Arabia without turning into a classist dystopian nightmare.

  12. people in the desert unable to find a nearby city, then seeing themselves right in front of themselves or some floating nature in the distance

  13. Is this from the same people who have the worlds tallest sky scraper that isnt connected to a sewer or septic system so they have to literally truck shit out 24/7? These guys must have just seen roblox for the first time and mine craft and got all excited and creative.

  14. Yeah all these oil countries should do what Norway did with its oil money, but meh who cares extravagant projects because money grows on trees (or oil rigs) for them

  15. Except this one doesn’t even look that good on paper. Like a prison in the middle of the desert. I can’t imagine all the traffic in this line (even if there’s no car, there has to be means of transportation), with little to no possibility to go around another way in case of accident on the road

  16. Yess thiss and the other problem is the wind currents and all the minerals it carries around round that ate important for ecosystems…

  17. Is Saudi Govt posting this or what? I know reddit posts are 90% bots repeating the same content every 30 days but the frequency on this post is in hours.

  18. Yep, you're right. A LOT of these comments are the exact same ones as on the same post on a different sub just yesterday

  19. If you give this idea a single second of thought it will become evident that this is very dystopian. Lower levels would get no sun light what so ever, air pollution would make it near uninhabitable, using air filtering systems would cause massive amounts of noise pollution, ems would not reach people in need and will likely prioritise people based on the level they live on.

  20. Why would the pollution be bad? A city like this could ban or heavily restrict cars. It’s perfectly designed for mass transit

  21. The more I think of this the more I realize how bad of an idea it is, like transportation, what if a World War started, that'll be an easy target, and logistics overall looks awful

  22. To be fair if a war starts wouldn’t a long linear city be a worse target than a round city of equivalent area? Especially since the blast radius of explosives is round anyway

  23. Eh, if you live in the middle of dessert with nothing but scorching heat and annoying sands, you probably don't want to go outside either.

  24. Making living places denser is indeed a part of climate action. Spread out neighborhoods like suburbs are inefficient in terms of infrastructure needed to serve the same number of people and require more energy to transport things and people around. Living spaces don't have to be a line that's 170km stacked city to be efficient, but making denser neighborhoods with good walkability/bikeability and viable public transit is good for the climate.

  25. Why would we do that when we can invest in overly fancy and impractical solutions so we can live on a futuristic and dystopian society while barely doing anything reasonable to solve climate change? /s

  26. They forgot to mention, the line will be segregated. Men will live in kilometer's 1 through 100, and women will be restricted to kilometer's 101 through 170.

  27. There’s a million things wrong with this but Im mostly thinking about how this is literally the most hermetically controlled surveillance area anyone could make.

  28. Saudi Arabia is like a very naive teenager with overprotective helicopter parents and too much money. No sense of reality. And Dubai/UAE is their brother.

  29. They’re talking about this being a great eco friendly sollution until it disturbs natural migration patterns of animals cause of how long it is. I know building a full size city wouldn’t be any better but imagina a camel just trying to get to the ocean and seeing a huge ass wall. Cool idea though

  30. I mean to be fair, as a gay man, I wouldn’t want to live in Saudi Arabia. Too bad that even if it does succeed it would be a theocratic autocracy.

  31. I can't remember the last time I saw something that was new info to me on this sub 😔 sadge

  32. The only way I see this working out is if its law enforcement is made up of judicial officers empowered to arrest, convict, sentence, and execute criminals on the spot.

  33. It actually sounds like a pretty good idea, but really doesn't need to be mirrored or a high rise. Rather than make it a high rise and inch it along a little bit at a time, make it 10 stories or so, and you get a lot further.

  34. oh boy can't wait to live in the lower levels just so I can have the upper class dump their trash from they're skyscrapers with beautiful natural light, oh boy can't wait to live so close to everyone that I can smell them from my house, I really can't wait to have no privacy unless I'm a mega millionaire that's in the upper levels, I definitely don't see any more segregation and problems arising from this, definitely not going to be like judge dred and the tower :)

  35. Anybody else get the feeling this is going to end up as a dystopian society after they build it. I’m getting cyberpunk vibes ngl.

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