1. I was all like "sign me up!" But after watching more I'm like "Nope. That's still a prison. Don't want to be there."

  2. American culture is largely punitive. You typically get punished for being poor, a minority or just unlucky. There are certainly people who commit crimes against humanity, but there is little tolerance for, or patience for, the mistakes those people make and almost no opportunity for redemption. Americans have a peculiar bloodlust and desire for vengeance that they often accuse other countries of having. It’s quite perverse.

  3. Nicer than my style of life in general making $150k+ with a family of 5 in US. Might need to commit a few non-violent crimes there for my retirement in 10 years.

  4. Could play baldurs gate dark alliance 2 and dyansty warriors 4, why are you complaining? Those games were so good (at the time)

  5. Give me Gran Turismo 4 (with steering wheel), ICO, Shadow of Colossus, Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 and I won't complain at all, I would have a good time in prison.

  6. So as a Norwegian I want to say one thing about the recedivism rate. It is low, but that's partly because in Norway you can go to prison for crimes like speeding (if you're caught doing double the speed limit, that's pretty much an automatic prison sentence). The recedivism rate among prisoners sentenced for violent crime is at about 60%. I don't have any numbers for Halden Prison in particular though - their numbers could be better.

  7. Fwi if you go double the speed limit in the US you have a pretty good chance at going to jail too, may not get a prison sentence but you’ll see jail for going 110 in a 55 (mph, sorry rest of the world)

  8. I had a hard time finding proper sources, and the one I did find was both outdated (2013), and didn't support your numbers. It did say that within 4 years somewhere around 55% would be charged with a new crime (did not specify if that was a speeding violation or a felony), but it also said that within 4 years about 30% serve a new sentence in prison.

  9. So your saying all I need to do is go double the speed limit and I can get a all expense paid vacation to this paradise where I can learn a trade and live for free? Holy Frappuccino !

  10. I just want to point out, as an american... obviously, that I had to Google recidivism. We just call that the system here.

  11. This type of prison system gives more than just the prisoner a better chance.. it gives their immediate family a better chance as well! If u have never had a brother sister mother or father in prison then u dont know what u go through with ur loved one. And u dont care. Im sure some people will read this and think my family is low life trashy or felons dont deserve anything but prison. This is the mindset that ruins lives. To be apprehensive of a felon is logical and not offensive but dont make ur mind up about that person.... All this is with the exception of child molesters. Public execution is a good way to deal with them in my opinion. Let news broadcast it. Bet that would play a big role on protecting our children. It would never happen and epsteins black book explains why that is

  12. There are a few reasons for sending someone to prison. The US system is based on punishment. Other systems like this one are based on the idea of rehabilitation.

  13. Rehabilitation and giving people a chance to actually better themselves goes a long way. Along with not being for profit….

  14. My step dad (been in prison for 10 ish years and have prob the longest isolation time in my country) always says “the punishment isnt to be whipped, the punishement is to be away from society, family and friends”

  15. Honestly it makes NO sense to put miserable people in the shittiest, most stressful, terrible conditions and expect them to come out rehabilitated and productive members of society. Everyone is so keen on punishing people instead of trying to figure out how you can make them better people.

  16. Except they dont drain the system. They are money to the system. My brother spiraled downward after our mothers suicide wen he was 16. They had bad last words to each other and less then a year later he was sent to prison for agg robbery (he didnt have the gun but tx prosecutes by party) and guess what happened to any ssi money that was for helping to care for us since our mother was gone... He didnt get any of it. Meanwhile my grandmother paid for commissary and phone calls for the following years. Its bullshit.

  17. Norway homicide rate .6 per 100k. Maryland 9.1 per 100k.. that’s just Maryland.. We are working with different numbers and a different criminal culture.

  18. The problem is many people want criminals to suffer, they want them to feel miserable for their entire stay in a prison but most importantly they don't want criminals to have it better than them. That's why a prison like this would never work in a country like Brazil, US or Turkey.

  19. Depends on the crime. I don’t have a problem with petty criminals staying in institutions like this, but personally I don’t want for example mass murderers and rapists to play video games and be pampered when they’re serving time. I understand why some people might disagree with that, but I’m just being honest.

  20. Exactly. I live in poor country and those who are lazy drug addicts, killers and rapists should not be rewarded or served like fucking pricesses. Me and wife work at 2 jobs to exist and feed children so why the fuck any rapist, thieve or killer should be even allowed to exist. If any they should be expulsed from society for ever. Best with banishment so I do not have to pay for those pricks. Or capital one for repeated rapists and killers. I have been attacked lots of time, my girlfriends had been assaulted, also raped so for me they are evil creatures that solely exist as existential threat to me and my family. It is easy to be generous and mighty when living in some punk ass rich Norway never descending on lower levels. Fuck violent criminals hope you all die, and b.t.w. you are the only ones Johny DOES NOT like.

  21. Isnt the point of prison punishment? Why are we letting rapists and murderers live better than most people who haven’t committed crimes?? For non violent offenses this makes sense but I’m actually disgusted that rapists are allowed to live like this

  22. It's so sad that we're conditioned to the point where you can see people being rehabilitated back into society properly and be mad about it. Like, yeah this country has jail cells nicer than your apartment, what does that say about yours?

  23. Bro, those murders and rapists fucked with innocent people in a life-ruining way. We dont want them back in society.

  24. Give them a taste of what a real life could be, just cause it looks modern doesn't mean it's still a prison, can't do shit but stay there. I can see it working and I'm sure it has.

  25. How else are we supposed to make money? We throw these prisoners in a hell hole so they come out worse than they were. Then we give them the scarlet letter of having the charges on the background check so employment is hard. Take away the right to vote and own a gun and it’s the perfect recipe for repeat business in a for-profit private prison sector! Yay America. God I hate it here.

  26. Frankly murderers and rapists can suffer every indignity we can inflict, in my mind, but for less heinous crimes motivated out of power and desperation i'm all for it.

  27. Sad that that speaks volumes more about the city/country we live in. Norwegians probably prefer their higher quality of life outside prison.

  28. Prisoners are sometimes victims themselves; this is to teach and educate to prevent reconviction. Prisoners are human beings and prison can either amplify crime, or decrease crime, but it depends on how the system is designed. This one is designed to decrease.

  29. Guaranteed the re-offending rate is super low because this is what happens when the justice system is about rehabilitation and not punishment/retribution.

  30. Holy fuck. I spent 14 years in the feds. She mentioned that they believe "rehabilitation starts on the first day." Which is quite different than American prisons. Here, there is not so much rehabilitation, as there is warehousing. The emphasis isn't on the future, on the life after prison, it's only about showing a person how hard they can put the boot down on them in this moment, in this time. Which is just crazy. Wait, so somebody fucks up over there, and they tell them, hey, you don't need to do things that harm other people, you don't need to be seen as a drain on the society, you can learn something now so that in the future you can live happy and with complete freedom? Here, it's, you had drugs, you are terrible, go to time-out for 25 years then just fuck yourself.

  31. Having a stable life and values will do a lot more for them than being tormented and raped themselves, a lot of serial rapists have pasts of being sexually assaulted and raped, or just generally abused in other ways

  32. There is still a lot of work involved in rehabilitation centres. Around 40 to 60% of people who are in prison have a personality disorder. That is not so easy to heal and overcome. Most people who go to prison have usually come from an abusive upbringing. Rehabilitation disrupts this abusive cyclic pattern and encourages safety and security to which they probably have never had before. It may not be what victims want for offenders, but there is science behind it. And will encourage less acts of violence etc. to others. A better society is what is gained from these facilities.

  33. I like this very much; it’s peaceful and rehabilitation instead of punishment being the goal at this facility is sound and just. Non-violent crimes, drug addictions, etc. would benefit greatly from this kind of treatment as this takes into account the humanity of the one in need of rehabilitation. Though peaceful, it is a gilded cage that should not be taken lightly and in the minds of decent people, this is punishment enough, but gives a fighting chance for those to reintegrate into society.

  34. i think the worst is normal and honest people dont have house like this murders and rapists have rn and that is insane

  35. Here in Mississippi, Parchman prison is getting AC installed. This is the 21st century, and the prison in MISSISSIPPI has never had AC.

  36. Mississippi is hilarious. They bitch about criminals getting AC or anything to make conditions livable and yet also bitch about having recidivism nearly 20% higher than the national average. I think they are sitting at nearly 4 of every 5 felons will reoffend within 3 years and it's not because they have a different breed of criminal, it's because some of their prisons look like shawshank redemption.

  37. Americans foaming from the mouth because they think these guys "get off too easy" and aren't getting tortured and hanged by the balls. At least that's the impression I get from reading some of the comments here

  38. While many probably think that all US prisons are just full of rape like what’s shown in Oz, we do have prisons for non-violent offenders that aren’t great, but they are a far cry from what many think. In WA, there’s Larch Mountain which didn’t even have a fence for years - they only added a fence because of contraband and wives/girlfriends trying to sneak in.

  39. My initial gut feeling was “this is dumb why the fuck make it so nice”, but goes to show the American way of thinking with prisons, that they shouldn’t be comfortable…they should be miserable as a way to punish. I’m honestly on the fence about this and curious what people think?

  40. The general problem with the American prison system is, as has been said, the fact that quite frankly for profit prison systems have almost (if not ever) never been successful. You put someone who is from a lower income area (of which in prisons are an overwhelming majority POC that are already angry at the world from the god awful hand America has given them) where crime is all they know and is one if not the only way they can SURVIVE, and then put them in a situation in which they're fed food that is literally labeled "Not for human consumption", all you're going to get is bad results. Quite frankly the fact that our system is built off of nothing but hatred, contempt, and "justice"(I use air quotes because of how, in my opinion, distorted and fucked up the American populations' sense of "justice" is) is outright disgusting. I'm not necessarily saying people who rape, murder, etc. are good people, because 9 times out of ten they aren't, but regardless they are still people at the end of the day. I don't think it's fair to hate ANYONE due to the complicated nature and environments that most murderers, rapists, etc. grow up in, and I genuinely feel like most people never take that into account, which is one of the many reasons why we end up with prison systems like the U.S.

  41. If you believe that people should not be permanently incarcerated, you'll need to accept they will be someone's neighbour one day. Maybe even yours.

  42. This makes sense … what’s the point of putting people in jail if they only come out worse ? That’s not what jail should be for.

  43. Love it. This is what works. It’s okay that they have better living conditions than non-criminals… poor living conditions are generally what incited criminality, and excellent living conditions could certainly reverse that. You don’t need to take from others when you have everything you need.

  44. To all Scots: this is what we could have had if we had a responsible government that didn't steal our oil and spend it on developing London and the south east of England to secure a base of loyal tory voters. Instead of a sizeable fund for social services and prisons better than many Scottish peoples' own homes, huge numbers of our population live in poverty or are barely scraping by thanks to the undemocratic Westminster system which sees thieving tory bastards elected by an almost-exclusively English voter base. The time is right for a second independence referendum where we can finally rid ourselves of Westminster for good and start being governed by Scottish politicians of whatever party we choose.

  45. Has the lowest recidivism rates in the country (Norway), which has the lowest recidivism rates in the world. They’re doing something right.

  46. Stop! You’re humanizing, people might be inclined to believe criminals can become non-criminals, maybe even learn something. Can’t have that, they aren’t allowed nice things, that’s not punishment. /s

  47. This is so good, I believe all prisons should be like this. We should focus on rehabilitation and readmission into society rather than taking away basic human rights.

  48. There should absolutely be rehabilitation with the intent on readmission. But there also needs to be punishment as a consequence for breaking the law. I do not believe you can truly have one without the other. Unfortunately in too many places it is a lot of stick and hardly any carrot.

  49. I can already hear the idiots "they have it better than me or many others, they need to be treated worse, I don't care about rehabilitation, I want them to suffer". Just uneducated blabbering.

  50. Most people misunderstand prisons. Being inside is not the punishment. Just because you've committed a crime, why should you be locked in a small room 22 hours a day, given appalling food, no showers, a short walk around a yard once a day, no books, limited access to phones, doctor? Forget that. And all that deprivation is a form of torture, and not what society intends when someone is convicted, but thats life in many modern prisons, unless you've been moved to a long stay. You can't legally keep an animal like that in most countries, you'd get sent to prison if caught.

  51. Yes but how do you exploit them for slave labour, traumatise them, rape them and destroy their future so that they come back?

  52. I’m not sure but this is my speculation..you probably have to be in a regular prison for a while to even be considered for this. I’m conflicted…murderers probably shouldn’t have this commodity but people convicted of lesser crimes probably benefit from this but still idk

  53. A correctional facility as opposed to what we currently have here in the US with an extremely high recidivism rate. People should actually come out better than when they went in. But that's not the case here.

  54. My gut reaction is to ask where the punishment is, but if this actually rehabilitates people, then I’d support it. I’d like to see some supporting stats. (We have a prison state in the US, so we need some new ideas.)

  55. Goal here is to rehabilitate people back into society. Lowers recidivism and overall better outcomes. This is of course, a stark contrast to the US system designed to be punitive and to support a legal form of slavery.

  56. It's a brilliant idea to actually rehabilitate. Unfortunately in the US they like their cheap labor force. So, sorry about the lack of rehabilitation here's 50 cents an hour 🫣

  57. That’s what happens when you don’t make exceptions to the constitution for prisoners, and don’t outsource prisons to private companies, and don’t allow them to profit from slave labor.

  58. If we do ever colonize another planet we should just send Scandinavians. A culture that treats its dregs this well is ready to ascend.

  59. "since developing its new prison system in the 1990s, its recidivism rate has decreased from around 60-70% to only 20% in recent years. The main reason for these statistics is due to a focus on “restorative justice,” an approach that identifies prisons in the same category as rehabilitation facilities."

  60. And there àre still people that would say why ain't they suffering and barely getting food in prison they are criminals. (The USA prison system is about profit not rehabilitation

  61. So if you wanted to retrain but were struggling with the cost of living whilst studying, you'd be better off committing a crime & studying while in jail?

  62. This is awesome. I would love to see if there were any studies done on rehabilitation or repeat offenders.

  63. Most of us in America are mind blown because we don’t understand that prison is meant for rehabilitation. Our system is based on keeping those jails full not emptying them out.

  64. This is the way prisons should be, they are for rehabilitation not punishment, the punishment is losing alot of your freedom

  65. This is so smart, they keep them locked away but in a nice environment so they wouldn’t have a reason to try and escape keeping everyone safe

  66. It’s not about letting them enjoy life while locked away. It’s about rehabilitation and reintegration into society once their sentences are up.

  67. They have a better life than I do. Hey, they probably can go see a doctor when they need to also. I hate living in the US. I wish I had the means to get out of here.

  68. If I really fuck up and can’t live well, my final contingency plan is to go to Norway and commit a crime so I can live in a place like that.

  69. This is genius, and not only for humanitarian reasons. We all know that nothing is more dangerous than a person with nothing to lose, but that also means that the fastest way to stop someone from being a threat is to give them something to lose. Not only are they rehabilitating these criminals, they're also giving them a major negative incentive not to relapse by giving them so much that's worth protecting in their lives.

  70. Honestly this seems great. Yes they have an actual life and work and have nice rooms and such but they can’t leave. They are still in prison and I’m sure there are still A lot of rules

  71. What you mean to tell me people act out when they're treated inhumanely and stuffed into a tiny cement cell with nothing to do for 24 hrs?!?!?! Gtfo here!

  72. Thank God or whoever you want that someone is reasonable enough and intelligent enough to have figured out what you need to do if you want fewer career criminals. Having served time in prison in the United States I can assure you that this could not happen here. Prevailing public opinion is such that no one cares what happens to other people as long as it doesn't happen to them or theirs, and with exceptionalism in general no one that could change this system believes any of the horrors they dismiss could possibly happen to themselves or their loved ones. People here do change their tune when they experience the "justice system" whether themselves or by the proxy of their loved ones but the few that could actually push reform can already buy "justice" so they have no desire to reform the corrupt system that serves them . BTW. Time is the price you pay. Time is priceless and cannot be returned, even in cases of wrongful conviction. Money doesn't compensate adequately for lost Time. Everything else is details(Not so bad and horrific).

  73. They only showed the good areas. what behind door number 2. But I do like the concept. If you keep people in chains the come out animals. If you treat them with humanity the come out better humans.

  74. Why even obey the law. I would be robbing banks until I get caught. Then just get a free luxurious room, education and food in a beautiful environment.

  75. Maybe you should just save these types of prisons for thieves and drug offenders. Then leave violent offenders in a cell but put rapists/pedos/child murderers in a furnace.

  76. Live in Europe and as a youngster I was shown a tv segment where they interviewed inmates/ex-inmates for my social studies class.

  77. Wait so you don't have to pay rent, pay for food/water, electricity, gas, insurance, phone ect. I basically work to have those things

  78. so not only do they commit crimes, but they also get rewarded with a premium lavish lifestyle for free?

  79. See, this is okay in some cases. I don’t think serial killers, rapists, child abusers, animal abusers should get this type of treatment. Absolute scums if the earth deserve to live in a pit with a pissbucket and that’s it

  80. Fuck this. If someone rapes or kills anyone i know, i rather not know they went to a prison that's nicer than some peoples home/school/neighborhood. This prison is nicer than my community public school... And i live in a suburb!

  81. I work for the penal system. I want to add my grain of salt to the pot, especially for those who complain about this prison being better than their apartment.

  82. I am disgusted that a rapist could live this well. sorry, I don't care if I get downvoted to hell for saying it.

  83. No punishment that a rapist receives could ever make up for the harm they did to the survivor. And the desire to make them pay is entirely understandable. But a system that turns a rapist into a functional taxpaying member of society that doesn't rape anyone else is surely preferable to one that just makes them more violent and just as likely to rape again, if not also turn to other crimes. Unless you intend to execute them or lock them up until they die, they're going to get out someday. What kind of person do you want them to be when they re-enter society? Unless you want more of the same, or worse, a system of actual rehabilitation is better than one that prioritizes punishment over everything else.

  84. As a murderer or rapist you take something from someone something that they'll never get back and the penalty is a brighter future for you? Nah fuck that.

  85. Would you rather they get treated like shit so when they get out they're likely to kill/rape again? Or would you rather they get help so they never do it again?

  86. I think many people, like you, do not understand why people commit their crimes. To be clear this is absolutely no justification. Many criminals are born into abusive households and get taught that violence is the only way to deal with any issue. Trauma mixed with a high willingness to use brutal force which was taught to these people is one of the most common reasons why they did what they did. They already were suffering and victims themselves, so why continue to make it worse and set them up to do the same things or worse things once they get out of prison.

  87. Definitely needs a particular society to make something like this work. In the US a prison like this would not work in the current state of the country.

  88. I work at a level 4 maximum security prison in California. Any metal they get their hands on turns into a “shank” and people get stabbed. There are frequent deaths and overdoses.

  89. Huh, rehab for people broken by society.. what a thought. Another reason America is a third world country, there's money but only in a couple fuckers pockets.

  90. The internet is making me realize the USA isn’t the best place to live, it’s all propaganda to keep us blind from the truth 🤦🏻‍♂️🤯

  91. So in other words they live better then the average person it says alot about society that criminals can be successfully rehabilitated just by being given above average conditions and being treated like human beings

  92. No killer or rapist deserves these nice things. That's my thoughts on this. A killer or rapist should be in a pond of shit.

  93. So someone gets to rape your mother or sister, and after he’s done, he can just go to this 5 star hotel without any consequences. What a system

  94. Makes you realize how little the people you know are getting paid. Welcome to the class war. It’s in full effect right now and only getting worse.

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