1. I literally just donated to videolan for the first time in my life because I realized, my God I've been using this software for over a decade and it has been perfect and free.

  2. They should do a “pay what you want” as donations is too passive. Encouraging people to pay, but not forcing is the way to go.

  3. Pro-tip: VLC can play back YouTube links. I love this because I watch a lot of older video and many times the aspect ratio is all messed up. When I play in VLC I can manually force the aspect ratio back to the original

  4. there's a continued mpc-hc project still active, too! it's a lot more lightweight and occasionally works better than vlc, so it's nice to have both. i use mpc-hc especially for music.

  5. It was either that or Media player classic, can't remember which was which but the two popular codec packs were k-lite and cccp that came with one of the players.

  6. Here in Sweden I'd need to get 20 subs to be able to get a decent library of content. Tons of smaller swedish streaming sites grabbing 1-2 good shows to lure people in.

  7. Was about to say this, VLC was a must have during my deployment, if you didn’t have it you were missing out and an already shitty time would’ve been worse for you because you wouldn’t have been able to watch what everyone was watching/talking about at the time.

  8. for what it's worth, i couldn't get it to play 4k x265 mkvs at all but other open source players handled it fine, vlc is still great for most people though

  9. VLC plays video files inside RAR files for God’d sake! You don’t have to unpack those 300 RAR files to watch whatever is inside, it’s amazing! Super helpful if you don’t have that much space. VLC unpacks it on the fly!

  10. Recently my friend sent me a video in some obscure video format. Windows gave me no less than three warnings about how it cant read the file or play the video in a usable format.

  11. I find it has trouble with anything associated with video games, console in particular. The easiest way of demonstrating this is to find a PS2 game that contains videos and doesn't do anything weird to hide its files. Usually the video track will be MPEG-2 and the audio PS ADPCM. As VLC doesn't support the latter, at least last I checked, the video plays without sound.

  12. Would anything have stopped him from taking the ad money, letting it go for a little while, then creating another ad free video player under a different name?

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  14. Same here. I'd definitely cash out the first time and comfortably live a good upper-middle class life without any financial worry.

  15. Seriously though. I can either keep yall from watching ads or put my kids through college and let my wife retire decades early. Yall gonna watch ads. Lol

  16. There are dozens who do. Lawyers in the Johnny Depp-misheard trial are using it, so that's about 200 people right there.

  17. **Fun fact **: When you see a French first name written with an hyphen, it signifies a prénom composé. The two first names, combined, compose a new inseparable first name.

  18. Ah, like the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, he was of Haitian descent. And there’s an MLB player called Giancarlo Stanton (IDK his background).

  19. How to you propose hosting, developers, and content creators get paid? Most people can't work for free.

  20. what's fun is like everytime this is reported, he repost misleading information as he Didn't create VLC (like you can see the guy himself explain in your link).

  21. Also he's a Discworld fan. The version names are Discworld characters, the current one is Vetenari.

  22. how are there two highly upvoted comments saying basically this same thing and neither knows that the word is "heroes"

  23. It's a very powerful media player with the ability to play most types of media files and pretty solid filtering tools

  24. He is a better man than me. I can talk a good game, but if I were offered tens of millions I think greed would finally kick in. It would be hard for most of us to turn down something that tempting.

  25. Years ago I finally got my own computer. It ran Windows XP. I had a few CDs of my favourite musicians. Lo an behold...I couldn't play them on my computer. Windows Media Player wanted me to pay for the ability to play music I had rightfully bought. I discovered VLC and it played everything! And was completely free. I didn't even know who its developers were and didn't notice that VLC had no ads.

  26. When I get a new PC, like I did last week, one of the first programs I always download is VLC. I really appreciate his work!

  27. Been using VLC for decades. Still the best player out there. Wish there were more tech peeps like him and less like the fraudster Bill Gates the fake tech guy. God Bless the free software movement.

  28. I have used VLC on all platforms ever since it came out. I'd be lost without it, and it just keeps getting better. So glad to "meet" the amazing person who created it!

  29. I used VLC for 12+ years but its time had come after it started getting more and more buggy and sloppy in recent years. Last year it tried to murder my SSD by producing a logfile of several hundred gigabytes of the same error message on repeat while I wasn't on my PC. That was effectively the last time I used VLC. MPV feels a lot more snappy, less bloated and doesn't have any obvious issues. Only downside from a casual user's perspective would be the lack of any proper gui in the base version (so if you don't use a custom frontend). For me personally, the keybinds are super convenient though.

  30. I'll be honest, I'd watch a few ads if this guy got to be paid big bucks for it. I wouldn't hold it against him one bit. Ads are short and mostly skippable.

  31. wow, this guy is defintely a contender for the best person in human history imo. Insane levels respect for him.

  32. Thank you I have been using VLC from when it was first released in 2009 first on Windoze and now Android and Chrome.

  33. I started using it in 2012. When I saw it for the first time, it was installed on a PC that my dad bought second-hand. I thought it was probably crapware. Little did I know.

  34. Just installed VLC on a laptop the other day, I almost couldn't believe this program is still around.

  35. Maybe you don't know but vlc is literally universal man. A damn good video player that can play all video formats and working just fine be in widows XP or the latest without taking any load on the pc like that windows 10 crappy player lol.

  36. I don’t think I’d have the strength of Jean if someone came knocking on the door with tens of millions of dollars. What a legend.

  37. Hard to believe there are people who aren't for sale and can't be bought. He wouldn't make a very good politician or supreme court justice.

  38. I'm openly guffawing at comments admitting unfamiliarity with VLC. Part of it may be an age thing I guess. And another part is if you grew up going straight to phones as your digital life then you wouldn't need VLC as much perhaps.

  39. I remember using this software to convert all the various different audio formats and video formats when things were really confusing. I just couldn’t believe that it was free and worked so flawlessly! Thank you thank you John Baptiste kenpf

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