1. You have no idea. I grew up on the 1976 version of King Kong. Had the poster on my wall as a kid. So seeing the iconic WTC towers fall with my own eyes (only weeks after moving to NYC for a new job) was unreal.

  2. I’m not sure whether I’m concerned or impressed that you have never questioned this explanation. Asking questions is how we all learn and grow, you shouldn’t be believing everything you’ve been told, especially from entities as distrustful as the mainstream media and the US intelligence community.

  3. just curious are you saying americans are denying that it was a controlled demolition. Or are you saying the people who think it was a controlled demo are denying what really happened? again just curious haha

  4. I see a building collapsing. A building that was burning all day which in turn weakened the structure. Not one person there that day said they heard booms. Science is well known and practiced world wide. Many different cultures and people's use it. And when they do, they all come to the same conclusions.

  5. Crazy how there were no explosions heard right before the collapse. Almost like it wasn't a controlled demolition at all. Watch a controlled demolition before talking out your ass. Use your brain and do research dont just read what you want to hear.

  6. I've watched this video and several others and for the life of me I can't seem to hear the multiple explosions required to collapse this building. You think they used secretly developed silent explosives. I've seen maybe 30 building demos and always always, after the all clear and the button is pushed, there is an eerie silence then several bangs then booms and this repeats and is really loud. Can you produce any evidence of these silent explosives??

  7. One of the biggest reasons was that any firefighters able to were trying to find survivors in wtc1 and 2, and then subsequently in the rubble of those two buildings. WTC7 was largely left to burn. Oh and It jet fuel and debris fall on them and sustain 4 mini earthquakes (0.9, 0.7, 2.1 and 2.3 for the impacts and collapses of both buildings respectfully), plus dozens of other factors.

  8. Maybe it’s cause we’re here early before the rest of the sensible hive mind downvotes the crazies?? I can’t believe it thus far, it seems like 50% of commenters are denying 9/11 in some capacity?? Wtf

  9. The other thing was that this building was built over an existing ConEd substation, so it was very eccentrically designed.

  10. That didn’t look anything like this video though. The building falling apart piece by piece looks like it was destroyed because of fire. Makes this video look even more like controlled demolition.

  11. BBC had reports that it was heavily damaged and just fucked up reporting that it had fallen rather than it looked like it might fall. It was a chaotic day and the bbc is across an ocean trying to report live on a fubar situation, but a bunch of smooth brains simply can’t accept an honest mistake and insist it’s evidence of a grand conspiracy…

  12. So you think a super secret elite cabal pulled off the biggest conspiracy in history… and for some reason decided to cue in some randos at the BBC because…. Reasons?

  13. Conspiracies are not fact. Obviously he was misinformed. The reporter he introduced said details were sketchy. Jet fuel doesn't melt steel. Remember that nugget?The fact is, It sure doesn't. But, it does burn hot enough to WEAKEN the steel which then buckles under the weight above it, fails..... you've seen the result.😭 Just take that extra step to find the facts✌️

  14. I was in NYC that day. Watched/Listened to TV/radio all day after I got home to NJ. Firefighters came out of building 7 right before it collapsed and told a radio reporter “they told us to get out of the building because they’re going to bring it down.”

  15. What the shill is going on in this thread? There are a handful of solo comments referencing debunked nonsense and they’re upvoted to the top?

  16. The word debunked has been debunked as unsubstantiated nonsense too many times and believed at face value by the uninformed and lazy.

  17. What's so cool about building 7 is that you don't even have to say anything or argue your case, or sound like a conspiracy nut, you can just go "WTC7 GESTURES"

  18. Aliens exist Tu pac and biggie are still alive Leprechauns are real (I am Irish and I am one) Hitler died in Argentina or somewhere in South America The lough ness monster is swimming to this day The Aliens made the pyramids 9/11 was an inside job The illuminati control the world, oops sorry I mean new world order Mary Magdalene was Jesuss mistress Big foot is in the bushes

  19. Okay. The structure is crumbling. Everything is falling down due to gravity. Which way should a window go if it obeys the laws of physics. Like all matter and energy does? The answer is out and down because that is the way space time is being distorted by the mass of earth.

  20. Well considering they shipped all the debris off to China in record time to be disposed of, that will never yield anything.

  21. In insurance all steel buildings have the lowest cost for fire coverage. Never had a steel building ever come down due to fire until this day.

  22. I think this was building 7. It collapsed later in the day. It was on fire because it had been hit by debris from the towers, so it collapsed from that structural damage. But while you are standing in wild eyed wonder at the perfectly explainable, capitalism is robbing you blind.

  23. Actually it was just the uncontrolled fire that took building 7 down, along with structural design deficiencies and material rating deficiencies (i.e. material was rated for much higher temps than it actually withstood, throughout the building).

  24. On 9/11 I was glued to the tv all day and have watched the tv specials every year on 9/11. I never knew this. I thought only the two towers collapsed on 9/11. Were there any others?

  25. No. There were a few small buildings directly underneath the twins that were massively damaged, but this is the only other total skyscraper collapse. It was about a football field in size and half as tall as the WTC towers at 47 stories. Here's a compilation of different angles:

  26. Why? Triggering! Horrific day in history just like December 7, 1941. My mother-in-law, 1st Hawaiian female resident to enlist in new Navy Waves!

  27. People don't seem to consider all the electrical cable/ power and how much energy is in an arc flash when they come up with these conspiracies

  28. I heard this was the tallest collapse of a building at this point in time, not considering the twin towers hours before and controlled demolitions.

  29. WTC building 7. Google Larry Silverstein wtc 7 he admitted the building was “pulled” also search for who had offices in that building.

  30. Just because it's the first time that something happened doesn't mean it can't happen. Watch the video again and look at the top you will see the units on the top fall into the building so there's a very good chance that when the heavy ac units fell into the weakened building that was the last straw and the entire thing caved in because it was on fire. When steel heats up it gets weak.

  31. Don’t waste your time trying to explain critical thinking to idiots. It’s not just this building. It’s a much bigger perspective of not trusting anything someone hears, sees or reads. The real conspiracy is how do people become so ignorant?

  32. Dude I’ve worked in precision demolition for over 20 years. And for 20 years I’ve been trying to explain this, that a couple guys with briefcases couldn’t close down one floor of the WTC for a week and drop it perfectly. But… one YouTube video is all it takes and whoever I talk to is an expert.

  33. Most of the top grifter truthers don't show the whole video, usually starting after the collapse of the penthouse, and rarely show it with sound, because of the absence of ear splitting demolition charges.

  34. You’re kidding, right? I watched WTC 7 fall live when it happened. I still have my VHS tapes of the news coverage the entire day. I still have my newspapers from that fateful day, still wrapped up in plastic and saved.

  35. I was pretty young when it happened, and nowhere near NYC, but remember the entire day as if it were yesterday. It's actually one of the few clear memories I have from that time in my life.

  36. I’m calling shenanigans on harleyshirtguy. “I witnessed both towers collapse, one first and then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense” is a direct quote from a man interviewed on the street that day who was widely reported to be a “crisis actor”. I wish I could remember the documentary this is from but I distinctly remember because the wording was so strange and some average joe on the street had it all figured out on 9/11/01.

  37. "Mostly from structural failure" is a funny way of saying "the demo charges went off". You will never convince me that THREE buildings that are designed to withstand fires all came down directly on top of themselves with no assistance whatsoever. You don't need an engineering or statistics degree to understand how incredibly unlikely that is.

  38. I love how people keep talking any the fire as of it's the only thing. I guess several hundred tons of plane hitting the building at several hundred MPH did nothing to the structural integrity.

  39. "The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building."

  40. That's WTC 7. [Built in '87 & leased mostly to gov't/attorney offices.] It collapsed later in the day fully evacuated. *I witnessed it all go down on live tv that day from 1st plane hit, all the way down to the PA crash of Flight 93. ~Lest we forget, 9/11/2001.

  41. Smash a major support column down with a chunk of one of the twin towers, then burn a 6000 gallon diesel generator fuel supply long enough and yeah, big building's gonna go not-so-big-no-more.

  42. Why are you people so retarded? When steel support structures are heated to those temps they buckle and no longer can support the immense weight and gravity wins. The structure falls straight down because that’s how gravity works. Do you expect it to fly out in sweeping arcing tangents before it comes down? And most controlled demos all cave inward from the center. And they are loud as all holy fuck. If you watch real controlled demos, you’d see this is not the same.

  43. Oh yeah. Building 7. Falling debris caused a fire that burned for hours, eventually weakening the structure enough to cause collapse, boggling the minds of architects, engineers and fire fighters everywhere.

  44. What is happening in this comment section… Are there really this many people who believe conspiracy theories?

  45. What building will stand tall after a 9000lb ac unit falls right threw it??? Yes, fire does weaken any structure, especially when jet fuel is involved!!

  46. Yes, that’s what happened on 9/11. Wait is this some new footage or something , I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this about a couple hundred times .

  47. Just watch this and understand that it doesn’t make you more intelligent to parrot conspiratorial garbage without any understanding of the actual physics involved. Take time out of your life to educate yourself and not behave like brain dead Qanon morons.

  48. You’re doing Gods work man. But after working in precision demolition for 20 years I can tell you this, you ain’t changing anyones mind. They saw a video on YouTube that told them George Bush dropped those buildings so… that’s what they believe. And they’ll call you sheep.

  49. BBC reported it had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did, to this day their only excuse is that it was a busy day and they must have made a mistake. Building 7 was live in the background of the news report still standing.

  50. The first time I heard about building 7 was... I think around 2012-2014 maybe? Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth had done a big ad campaign that was very simple but brilliant, I think. They had a lot of billboards that just said something like "Did you know that 3 towers fell on 9/11?" No, I didn't. I didn't have any thought of anything beyond the official narrative before that point. I was 19 on 9/11 and saw the twin towers fall live on the news; tiny human figures jumping out the windows to their deaths before they went. The images were traumatizing...the one plane, then the other... The one tower crumbling to dust, then shortly after, unbelievably, the other. Thinking back on it, we were all in shock. The whole thing was surreal and I just accepted what I heard/saw/read on/in NBC nightly news, popular mechanics, etc. I'd heard about 9/11 conspiracy theorists, but figured they were just weird and crazy. But something about that billboard caught me immediately. I flashed back to my college campus center, circled around one of the TVs that had been wheeled out for us with other students. As the first tower started to fall I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would fall. It was horrific enough - the people on the planes and the people where they hit - but it didn't even cross my mind that they might collapse. The top part looked like it was slipping sideways, like it would topple over like the top of a broken tree and wipe out nearby buildings in a catastrophic domino effect, but then this insane dust cloud rose up and swallowed the whole thing. There was no way to see what had happened at first. It was surreal. I thought the outer concrete or whatever had slipped off when the top fell sideways, and when the dust cleared, I expected to see the top broken off sideways, and the bottom part still there with steel framework all twisted and standing up. Then, before it was really clear what had happened to the first tower, the second fell, and there were no words. I'd just witnessed what felt like an insanely unlikely event, and somehow it had happened again?? That was what that whole day was like. Shock upon shock upon shock. When the dust finally cleared, I was totally dumbfounded to see complete obliteration. No framework, no large chunks of cement, just... Where did they go?? And then when they started clearing the rubble they'd show like molten lava stuff underneath everything and the firemen's shoes were melting, and heat maps of the areas underneath the rubble... That seemed unexpected too because in my mind, I expected the insane amount of building material that fell to pretty much snuff out the fires after they were deprived of oxygen. All that stuff just went into my mind and went dormant. The entire event was so horrific and incomprehensible that it seemed par for the course that my framework for how the world works wouldn't make sense here. I'm not a trained engineer or a physicist, but I am a student of the sciences. I appreciate sound scientific analysis and logical thinking, and I also try to keep an open mind. The fact that board certified Architects and Engineers were putting this forward, and that there seemed to be a not-insignificant number of them willing to sign their names to it caught my attention. I began to look at some of what they'd compiled, and consider the evidence. I will tell you that I did not expect the cognitive dissonance that this process elicited in me. There was a strong and mostly-subconscious resistance to exploring this material. In the end, I found it useful to resist the temptation to draw specific conclusions about where the evidence might lead. The general paradigm shift was enough to process, and looking back, it took a few years to fully accept even potential alternate narratives and integrate these possibilities into my experience of the world.

  51. There is no fucking way in all the hells that 3 skyscrapers came down on themselves without demolitions. I don't give a flying fuck what anyone says to the contrary. I could believe one did, just out of blind luck, but not three. No way. And building 7 didn't even get hit by anything!

  52. You might think in urban areas skyscrapers are designed to fail in a certain way... I know it's hard to understand with 0 education but you know, we try anyway.

  53. I could see airplanes crashing into a building compromising the strength of the steel. But this building wasn’t hit. I could maybe buy it falling over or collapsing haphazardly if the steel frame work was exposed to significant amount of flammable material that burned at a really high temperature for extended periods of time but you would think windows would be long gone so there would be enough oxygen to sustain such a fire and even then if it did collapse I don’t see it collapsing perfectly like this from an uncontrolled fire. Too many things just don’t add up.

  54. From what I understand apparently this is obviously hearsay but thermite was used in order to bring the buildings down in a similar manner to the way they use explosive to do it this way there is absolutely no noise

  55. ...thermite has noise. Lol. It's loud as fuck. Not as loud as other things. But its main use is making big booms with big flashes for cheap because big booms and big flashes are fun.

  56. Yes weird how all those floors on the towers were closed prior to 9/11 and the owner insured them for twice as much as the worth and then even the commission was garbage itself. Oh. All the live footage of police officers and fire men and citizens talking about loud explosions and molten steel running like water under the tower before the first collapse or the pictures of steel from the tower looking like it has a 45 degree angle cut on it like in demo with thermite I’m not convinced of either story because of all holes in the reasoning depending on what side your arguing but leaves the door open for.

  57. A female FBI agent warned her boss that these middle eastern type men want to learn how to fly big jets. Not land or take off, just fly. She was ignored and those were the hijackers.

  58. The suggestion that there were no plane parts found in the Pentagon is space beams level idiocy. Further, there was identifiable DNA found of the passengers in the Pentagon, just looney tunes level nonsense

  59. I know the area, video cameras everywhere, they’ll know what brand of cigarettes you pull out from your pocket, and not one video of a “jet “ crossing the GW Parkway, slam into the building? Oh, they did confiscate 86 video cameras that day.. And and a nice hole in the building, amazing how a plane’s wingspan didn’t make a mark on it.

  60. What are the odds a building falls into itself when collapsing when being structurally damaged from the side? Are buildings designed to do that as like a “fail safe”?

  61. The building collapsed middle first, you can see the roof caving well before the rest of the building comes down. Spanning supports, which didn't break, just deformed and lost structural integrity, were still roughly intact and held the building together as it came down. They were strong enough to do that, just not strong enough to hold the building up anymore.

  62. You can tell it's a controlled demolition because it dips in middle right before it's freefall collapse. They hate us...

  63. Listen man. Call me an idiot and citing the lies that NIST put forth regarding these three collapses isn't going to change my mind. I don't believe the official story.

  64. Reminds me of the moment when Mr. Larry Silverstein (building owner who made more than one claim of property loss with his insurance coverage creating a larger windfall of compensation, more so than if he made only one total property loss) said that, “We pulled it.” This was a parlance in reference to Building 7 being a controlled demolition. There were some theories that the building also housed many government records of excessive expenditures and of the whereabouts of the Pentagon’s missing $35 TTTTTrillion dollars and/ or “accounting adjustments” in 2019, which also surpassed the $30.7 Trillion US dollars in similar adjustments for 2018. There may have been additional records in the building earmarked for underground containment progressing toward their premature status for continuity of government (COG), a planned essential function to ensure a smooth transition of an operating government before any national emergencies. Recall that there were no post structural damage studies done by any recognized metallurgical scientists or engineers. The scrap metal was collected and barge shipped to Asia.

  65. This all happened because the CIA did not want to admit that they were working inside the US. The CIA had two mideastern "informants" in a San Diego, CA safehouse. They told the CIA of the threat. The CIA withheld that information from the FBI and other agencies. The result was 9/11.

  66. I never understood why this building collapsed, I'm not into conspiracies but is looks like a small fire compared to for example the one in London that got completely engulfed in flames...

  67. This building held a secret office for the CIA. Also, a study conducted by over 3000 scientists and engineers, many who were families of those affected by 9/11, found that the most plausible explanation for the collapse of WTC 7 was controlled demolition, not fires or debris.

  68. This is what sold me on 9/11 being an inside job or whatever. There was zero reason for this building to fall. At free fall. Straight down. Almost like a controlled demolition. Or exactly like one.

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