1. It's okay the "rat" has no brain and cannot think. It's an artificially grown 128 rat neuron array, maybe, if this is what's in the video. Most likely it's just fake and they are using a remote control, because reddit.


  3. We are all aware that the senses can be deceived, the eyes fooled. But how can we be sure our senses are not being deceived at any particular time, or even all the time? Might I just be a brain in a tank somewhere, tricked all my life into believing in the events of this world by some insane computer? And does my life gain or lose meaning based on my reaction to such solipsism?

  4. I once drank a whole gallon of milk in a whole day and I could feel my bones expand. At first I thought I was just full from the milk, but my skin started to form stretch marks and I was visibly wider. I didn't know what was happening but I had an uncontrollable urge to drink more milk. I drove into the nearest gas station and literally ripped the door off the rifrigerated section containing the milk.

  5. It’s not so much “trying to get away” as it is just avoiding obstacles. It’s not controlled by a conscious rat brain. The brain is just neurons that send steering signals based on inputs. The brain is effectively dead. There’s no consciousness. It isn’t self-aware.

  6. It’s more extremely sad to me. It must know something is very very wrong. Imagine being, to the best of your own knowledge, simply a rat minding its own business, but you can’t feel your whiskers or paws or move your tail?

  7. What a coincidence, I've begun watching Doctor Who about a week ago, I'm absolutely loving it. Eccleston was such a good actor too!

  8. I think you are giving this way too much credit. It can’t see, it’s using sensors which basically means it can only sense things in its path, unable to differentiate from a chair in its path vs. a predator in its path

  9. I would like to know how it feels without getting the input it was designed to get from the rest of its body. Is it suffering mental starvation because it never feels satiety? Does it feel unmored from the earth because it gets no proprioceptive feedback? Do these things cause it distress?

  10. We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

  11. Not nearly as dystopian as it’s made out: Kevin Warwick, once a cyborg and still a researcher in cybernetics at the University of Reading, has been working on creating neural networks that can control machines. He and his team have taken the brain cells from rats, cultured them, and used them as the guidance control circuit for simple wheeled robots. Electrical impulses from the bot enter the batch of neurons, and responses from the cells are turned into commands for the device. The cells can form new connections, making the system a true learning machine.

  12. FYI: There is no rat and there is no brain. It’s just a bunch of lab grown neurons reacting to electric stimuli.

  13. The music is what makes this ominous. Trust me. If you replace the background music with Yakity Sax, this ends up being whimsical and silly.

  14. Yes, someone considered the concept to have no merit and wrote a book addressing their concerns. However, we don't really know. Maybe they're right. Maybe not. We'll see whether we reach synthetic ascencion or become bio-batteries

  15. They’re movies and books usually written by people who’re not from a scientific or computer science background, take them with a grain of salt

  16. We need to stop letting books and movies influence our opinions on new technology and science. It’s just fueling a world driven by fear

  17. It's horrible up and to the point where you are on your death bed, and you have the choice as living as a robot or dying.

  18. Even if there is some truth to it, I love that people are saying it has emotions or is experiencing fear. Even if it is hooked up to a brain, how do we know it isn’t just reacting to basic external stimuli alone? The video doesn’t even try to claim that it’s feeling fear or is “running away”. It’s one thing to unquestionably believe a short out of context video. But people are in the comments adding their own details and then debating the morality of them.

  19. It’s not scary music, it’s the title theme to Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus, the game focuses on a group that likes to replace their body parts with machines.

  20. People generally don't have a good gauge on where current scientific progress is at. If we were able to keep even rat brains consciously alive in a jar the world would be a very different place.

  21. Just look at the clothes and hairstyle. This video must be at least a decade old. If it was real, the world wouldn't have only heard about it before but scientists would likely have progressed much further in pursuing this technology.

  22. Isn't this not really a robot? I mean, yes, it's a robot- but the brain is what we are, not the body... so isn't this just a Rat that has shed his corporeal flesh? A Ratbot, if you will?

  23. Foul heresiarch, this is the blessed perfection of metal. That beast is holier than all of us, trapped as we are in the rotting carcass we call a temple.

  24. Not a far stretch from that experiment to robot avatars for paralyzed people, or mind driven virtual world avatars with a "real" full set of senses.

  25. But the tech priests do it all the time. It aint heresy if ya got a biological processor originating from something natural to earth! I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!! tech priest screaming

  26. Technically it's the opposite, it's powered by a living brain so it's not an abominable intelligence. Bonus points if it's a human brain.

  27. That's Kevin Warwick (AKA "Captain Cyborg"), who's been working on this since before I finished my studies at the (since closed) Cybernetics department in Reading University UK.

  28. Darkness imprisoning me, All that I see, absolute horror, I cannot live, I cannot die, Trapped in myself, body my holding cell

  29. Yes it's real. But it's not like they take rat brain at whole. They just use a few thousands neurons. So this robot has no consciousness.

  30. Apparently that rat's behavior can be summarized as "roomba but with inconsistent proximity sensors".

  31. This is definitely a sensationalist description. The small bundle of neurons are definitely not a “consciousness”. They’re just used as part of a control loop where the input is a voltage to reach action potential and the output is the voltage from the neurons firing, which can all be modeled as a plant.

  32. This is twenty years old and they didn't just take brains and stick them in a robot, they isolated neurons and glial cells, disentigrated them and put them as a solution on a layer of electrodes that amplify textual l electrical signals. There's a bunch of layers of coding and decoding through algorithms they use between the cell/electrode hybrid and the robot, so there's no trapped consciousness suffering in the robot. They're called hybrots and I haven't seen much else in the way of developments regarding them since the 2000s

  33. It’s real, but the video doesn’t explain it properly. The robot uses input from rat neurone cells. The video is from 2008, so pretty old.

  34. Too ease your mind, it’s just neurons, some cells, it’s not an actual, complete brain. It’s not the mind of a rat they transplanted, so no consciousness.

  35. It seems similar to Futurama where they keep the heads in some chemical containers. I think there is one anime too where the brain controls everything. But yeah this shit sucks big time.

  36. I mean it’s really just an extension of what was being done in 2004 with flight simulators flown by ‘rat brains’.

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