1. As a bonus you have already removed the scales from half the fish by the time you drag it all the way up!

  2. The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking that it was pretty cruel dragging the fish up the wall like that. Then I seen the spear in its head and was like... oh shit yeah, bow fishing. Their not planning on putting it back lol

  3. The problem is not that he shot a fish in the head. The problem is that he shot the fish in the head FROM ALL THE WAY UP A DAM.

  4. Good chance he didn't. Carp tend to root around in groups in lakes, either on silty bottoms or sipping food from the top water. If he could see a group of them cruising, makes way more sense to take a pop at the group and be successful.

  5. Polarized sun glasses specifically for fishing. I’m not cool enough to pull them off but I have a pair. On the shore I can see 25-35 out and 10-15 feet down pretty clear. I’m also not cool enough to bow fish bc I believe in catch/release unless I’m eating the fish or it’s injured. I’m not eating a carp. Not to say this dudes not eating the carp. Carp is considered a good fish in other countries and That could be what’s going on.

  6. It was at that time that I realized it wasn’t a 7lb salmon bit instead was a huge creature, this giant crustacean from the Paleolithic Era!

  7. Many places only allow you to bow fish carp, since you can't really tell if a fish is "keepable" size before you likely kill it with the arrow.

  8. You don’t bow fish if you plan on throwing anything back lol. But if you’re talking in general, it would just be added to your daily legal limit for that particular fish species, some don’t have a limit and some you can’t legally kill under a certain length. Just depends

  9. Bowfishing is a thing. I don't know how it eluded me for this long, but now that I know of it, this is a skill I must possess.

  10. We do bow fishing for alligator gar in Louisiana , I tried it a few times… I suck. But pulling up a half alligator monster is fun.

  11. I mean good shot but it’s a carp. Most Americans won’t even eat this fish so he basically is just killing em for fun, most likely.

  12. At this angle gravity has relatively small influence on the arrow, thus making it a flatter shot. In other words this might be the equivalent of a ten yard shot. Archery hunters have to calculate the angle of the shot either intuitively through experience or via optics. There is still the challenge of being able to see the target clearly through the peep sight and is still a very impressive shot.

  13. Other people are saying it's a carp, it's an invasive species. Since I'm taking a wild stab this guy is American, we have special rules to cull invasive species. You can't really eat carp and they take resources from fish you can eat.

  14. Yeah headshotting it is much more cruel than catching it in a net and letting it sit there for hours/days until you go collect it.

  15. Well, if it's shot from the moon then at least the impact will surely instantly kill you. And also destroy half the neighborhood in the process too...

  16. Nice man. Just gotta say, please eat this fish because there’s no throwing him back for the sport of it.

  17. Carp taste like dirt, ain't no one eating this. But lots of people above are sayi g they're invasive in the US, and have to be killed when you get the chance anyway.

  18. This is about as humane as fishing can get. It certainly appeared to be a near-instant kill. Much less suffering caused this way.

  19. This sucks. A few folks where I live shoot the carp and throw them by the riverside. They stink like hell and more than once I’ve had a bear sneak up on me looking for fish.

  20. Unless it's a really big carp most people don't eat them. They're a boney pests that destroy environments. Killing them is a good thing

  21. So hitting a fish taking its life , on the other side a man with a bow killing humans for fun, where's the society headed to ?it's just your personal preferences about which life is more valuable? Which species have destroyed the earth the most ? So which species should be killed and eradicated?

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