1. Bristow,Va june 2008, live trax 14. This was the last time Leroy played with the band. This was the opener and it’s freaking awesome.

  2. That was actually my first show. I didn’t know much about the band at the time so I didn’t truly appreciate seeing them in the moment, but between the show and Leroi’s passing I had become infatuated with them, so when LT14 was released it immediately became an album I replayed frequently. The dreaming tree from that show is almost hauntingly perfect.

  3. The studio version is almost a different song from the live version it became. Just very different feels. I love both.

  4. Warehouse 8 volume 4.Hordern pavilion in Australia. Xavier Rudd opens it with Still Water and then into ddtw. Crazy version and Dave's voice when he says this is a song about the ghosts that love everywhere is chills.

  5. i was at that bartender 8/19/08. Every time i hear it i cry. i was only 8 but the power of that performance and hearing what leroi meant to everyone still gets me going

  6. Can I just say I'm so sick of central Park? It was really just an average show. I don't know why everyone so highly rates it all the time. Can't we be more creative with our answers? Is central Park THE show and no others will ever come close? Ugh.

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