1. Good music is good music!! My ears like what they like and since 1994 these two bands have been in constant rotation.

  2. I love both but I don’t know about seeing them together. I like to be in a totally different headspace to listen to Tool than I do Dave.

  3. This would be amazing!! I tried explaining to my fiance (the mega dmb fan) that tool is like dmb for metal fans and once we saw them in concert he totally agreed. Not saying tool is a metal jam band but they totally interact and riff off each other

  4. Meh. I was listening when that came on today, and I immediately switched over to The Beatles channel. Don't get me wrong, I like a couple of songs by Tool, but when I'm listening to DMB Radio, I want to hear Dave Matthews Band or music that's kind of in the same ballpark. Tool isn't in the same ballpark. I'm not in the mood for music like Tool when I'm listening to DMB Radio.

  5. I can’t fault you. It’s kinda like when you expect sprite but you get water. Sure it’s alright but not what you were expecting.

  6. Quite the immersive experience, eh? Never seen visual shows like them, never heard a sound system like the one from their last tour either...their front of house/sound/lighting desk setup was like 3 times the size of anything I've seen before!!

  7. Epic does not necessarily mean good. I love both bands but have a feeling it would be a complete disaster. But I love hearing what other people think.

  8. I'm only here to say that it bugs me how Stefan pronounces the song when he intros it. That is all.

  9. Literally my two favorite bands of all time. They’re 1A and 1B... and then there’s everyone else. This would be awesome... although two very, very different crowds haha

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