1. This was such a weird up and down set list. Some bangers, some bombs (subjective opinion, ofc). Bit of a let down from last night, but as always just a fucking magical god damn weekend as per usual.

  2. Covers are one of my favorite parts of a DMB show. My first was in 95 & I’ve never had a bad show but I’m there for a good time, to dance, sing loud with friends, enjoy the poetry & vibe that is DMB.

  3. Loved both shows. Great set with deeper cuts. Missed sweet and sledgehammer cause i was in the pisser, but awsome.

  4. I’ve just been getting back into the band after a long (20-year??) hiatus and got really excited about the Sledgehammer cover. So glad I got to see it live.

  5. I loved it. Even with a few songs I wasn’t thrilled about (Jimi, Y&M, Watchtower is meh but I love their energy so I’ll take it) I still can’t complain. They’re still touring after 30 years. I’m happy about that. If people don’t like the sets why do they go or follow the band anymore? There are already 1000 live recordings to choose from at home.

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