1. In relation to reports received: post approved because we haven't had a thread on this in a while and it's important people in this community have a right to offer their thoughts. Equally, this is the thread for a while, because we don't allow this to be a drama subreddit, and as always remember rule 2: Be Civil or you'll be modmailed and/or banned and/or given a frowny face sticker from one of our young parts.

  2. I can definitely agree with a lot of this. I avoid DID media content everywhere but here and a couple of facebook support groups I'm part of because most of those people don't seem dissociative.

  3. I can relate to this a little bit. After actually having a therapist that knows about our DID, I feel like our system has been making major strides :) My therapist recommended trying to ask for help from my system, when I feel like I can't handle something or if I could just use a little support. And it actually works sometimes!! Of course not all of the time, and it doesn't even always involve a switch (maybe someone just comes to back me up). But sometimes it does! I was blown away the first few times.

  4. Your comment reminded me of something I wanted I wanted to say this but didn't know how to put it into words, but I think I've got it now.

  5. I am currently trying to help my best friend who has DID. She still dissociates when an alter fronts and doesn’t remember anything. How can she get past that. Can’t find a therapist to help us.

  6. I found a surprisingly helpful comunity on instagram. When I first figured out I may have DID, I asked a person on insta who did and they walked me through it. I finally got someone to tell me what was going on.

  7. I am the same, but we still have bad days. I got too drunk and all I remember is one of them getting into an argument with my partner, then getting triggered into a three hour long panic attack which ended with her trying to attempt unalive and then trauma dumping shit I’d been trying not to remember. Fun times lmao

  8. I had this with one of my alters. He scared me so much but I then figured out it’s because he represents the darkest and loneliest part of me. Now we get along but he never fronts, only co-fronts.

  9. I just want to echo another older system here. Fads will pass and don’t get too frustrated by disinformation. I was diagnosed at 16 in 1995. At that time there were several well publicized (news programs, books, TV movies, etc.) of “repressed memory”. Families were going to court and there was sooooo much crap about “implanted memories by therapist” and “revenge victimization” in civil courts since statutes had run out on criminal prosecution (USA).

  10. Very wise perspective. Thank you for sharing this comment. I think "it will all balance out in the end" will be apart of my meditation and prayers tonight

  11. I can switch most of the time pretty easily, I just kinda ask someone to cofront and then let them take over and its like going to sleep. Is it always that easy? No. Is it always a choice to switch? No. But it isn’t always super hard. Amnesia on the other hand is a bitch, every time we switch I lose any and all recollection of the last few hours edit to say V, the host, is speaking here.

  12. it could also be possible that many of them are over-exaggerating about it online cause they want people to believe them, i know i very slightly exaggerating about my symptoms just to hope to get people to believe me. it seems in this community if you show it too much, then you're "fake". if you don't show it, you're "fake". do anything slightly wrong as a system, then you're "fake" in others' eyes.

  13. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I understand that every system's different. Some systems have a lot of fictive alters; some systems have edgy and cool trauma holders; some have great communication skills, etc. I understand that what people post on the internet vs. what they experience in real life is different. I'm very hesitant to criticize a system as being fake based on the little I can see on the platform. How can we know that they've shown no signs until these past few months and that they've actually shown signs for longer before they posted about it? We don't.

  14. Sometimes I feel like the "having DID must be fun!" comments are truly intended as a misinformed kindness, like a "there's a silver lining!" kind of thing. I know friends I've told about my dissociation who've said things along the lines of, "wow that must be tough! it seems cool to have a coping system like that and help from them though :)" I know what they mean is, "that's hard and I don't really understand, but I accept you and hope you can also see the good in your disorder". As much as it annoys me to hear DID be portrayed as fun or quirky, sometimes it feels nice - something that stemmed from horrible trauma and has caused me to suffer has also helped me cope in amazing ways and develop into a more complex, nuanced, and full person than I would've become without the support of my system, and I've come to realize that in some of those comments. I try see the good intent, the desire to normalize a "scary" disorder and be positive, and the hope that any system will be accepted for their own situation.

  15. The “on command” really hits. It’s not at all like that for us so it’s frustrating to see it portrayed like that.

  16. 💯 I don’t follow tiktok or much social media at all. But I recently opened up to my best friend about our DID and alters due to her realising and getting frustrated over our switches and needing prompts due memory confusion. I regret it. Because now all she wants to do is send me tiktok videos of people able to switch on command, and not having polar opposite alters front in the middle of the day.

  17. Not going to lie, I'm neutral on this issue because a lot of the time, I don't think they're deliberately faking it. I think most of them genuinely think they have DID because DID is massively oversimplfied online as well as many disorders and mental illnesses. So it's easy to think "I have memory loss and feel like a different person on different days, I must have DID!" when in reality they're probably just really forgetful and forgot most of their early childhood WHICH IS INCREDIBLY NORMAL AND IS EXPECTED, ESPECIALLY BEFORE THE AGE OF 5. (Its forgetting a significant amount of your childhood and/or teen years which indicates trauma based memory loss. I am not a therapist though so this may be wrong but this is what I've heard.)

  18. We have fictives, fictives of places that we have loved as children, and we did not decide to have them. I did not wish to have fnaf alters, my brain decided AND I appreciate it. I DID NOT decide to have fictive oc's. I DIDN'T DECIDE. And that does not make me less valid than you or another system.

  19. i don't have much to add - i just want to offer some perspective as a system who grew up in the 2010s, on sites such as Tumblr. there's an unfortunate and horrible notion that unless you over-express your disorder, your symptoms, and for systems particular, detail every single last bit of information about your DID/OSDD, then you're fake. you're fake, you're wrong, you know nothing and you are not allowed into groups that should be there to support you. a lot of these people are teenagers, and are existing in a dangerous and prevalent online subculture where they have to list every single medical thing wrong with them to be allowed at the "cool kids table". its horrible, and we were victim of it too. i think this mindset is what contributes to the over-expression of young systems online. because if they don't, they're completely shunned by their peers.

  20. I think you bring up some really good points here. Human beings are all a product of their time... their personality is shaped by the culture that surrounds them - because as human beings we *have* to adapt to our social environment in order to be included into the social group (which is a fundamental survival need).

  21. Honestly I desperately worry about these types because for every real system there is another fake “system” LARPing as an extremely overt case and pushing real systems to make themselves worse and worse instead of seeking help. I have seen some of these communities discourage therapy and encourage lying to mental health professionals

  22. I'm 36 and have only known about the system for six months. Honestly, DID Tiktok is hit or miss, but I'm not too worried about whether or not other folks' experiences are valid. I would have been _over the moon_ if the host of our system at 15 had access to a platform with a bunch of relatable voices to listen to. Even if some of them are fakers - which I'm not discounting your concern, to be completely honest! - even having the content out there increases visibility.

  23. I agree with this. I think that people who don't believe their system is caused by trauma, or who believe it is intentionally self-created, or who don't view their experience as disordered, shouldn't define themselves as having "DID". Other than that, I really don't think it's any of our concern if some kid online is saying that they have twelve anime headmates and it's a great time, or something.

  24. I've opted out of platforms where this kind of misinformation is rampant and just decline to engage when I see it here. Aside from the report function for people who violate sub rules, there's unfortunately not much else you can do. I completely understand being frustrated by it. It's very frustrating, but try not to let it distract you from taking care of yourself. That's the top priority.

  25. I try to be wary of gatekeeping behaviour, both in others and myself. But it is clear that it is becoming a fad online and it is troubling to see.

  26. I doubt I'll ever make video content on my tiktok about being plural bc even with my diagnosis, people are gonna mock me, post me to cringe sites, accuse me of faking, etc. My system isn't exactly covert. Anyone who pays enough attention is gonna notice that we are plural. I used to be so goddamn embarrassed about it but if I were faking I'd be able to decide to stop.

  27. the most frustrating part about the whole ordeal is the backlash coming from people uneducated about DID. they see some random 13 year old saying they can choose their alters and their charizard fictive can system hop between different bodies and think all systems are fake because of it. or, much more commonly, they think all fictives are fake, or all systems with a “kyle” are fake or whatever. that’s what makes me mad

  28. This. It is already better to just keep quiet. And if your alters are not 100% same color as you, same origin as you, normal age, normal names, no introjects or certain names, you are faker.

  29. The misinformation and lies spread about DID, especially on platforms like Tik Tok, are so, SO harmful and toxic. I'm sure there are some legit systems on the app, and I'm not one to fakeclaim, but you don't even have to fakeclaim in order to acknowledge how damaging the misinformation is.

  30. Where do you find exposure to "legit" covert systems? I'm/we're having a hard time seeing my experience reflected elsewhere.

  31. at times i wonder if they might do it as a not so healthy way to cope, pretending to be someone elae. I tend to pretend i'm one of the voices when too stressed. It might not be the best thing but it helps. Sorry if i upset anyone saying this. Just wanted to give my own opinion on this here

  32. Yeah, I've known people to fake personality traits and interests in a desperate attempt to get human connection. I wouldn't put it past people to try to fake mental illnesses from sheer lonliness.

  33. i’ve genuinely tried to disengage with media after my feeble attempts at educating and correcting blatant misinformation gets ignored. the DID “fad” where everyone is suddenly a system is tiring at best and distressing at worst. it’s genuinely scary how some people spread false information like fact and it gets eaten up by well-meaning but misinformed singlets

  34. these kinds of posts are stressful for us seeing as we fit literally every single one of the criteria listed, and we're definitely not faking

  35. I agree. A lot of the ire towards systems with high communication or with low barriers just strikes me as deeply anti-recovery.

  36. Do you mean you purposely stage and shoot videos of yourselves having fun switching to one another at will, presenting it as an interesting trait of your persona, and you post the videos on socials with the intent of showing your symptoms to contacts and to strangers, for them to view, comment and ask questions about your disorder? Not a provocative question, I’m genuinely asking. No judgment, I just want to understand

  37. Not if they're spreading misinformation though, we cannot let that pass. "System hopping", "non-disorded systems", "being born plural" - none of these are real, and claiming they are just damages real systems.

  38. Live action role play... I think they're talking about people who act like they are diagnosed with DID, similarly to people who role play being a part of a fictional world like in lord of the rings.

  39. I do agree with this. Now, not all of us alters are fictives, but a majority of us are, myself included. We do carry issue when the fictives are all from new content and they are body is clearly a teen or older. ~ Ginny

  40. Same, it made me suspicious of people who has a ton of fictives and its just generally not a good thing to do if they do suffer from DID. we have a big system and i don't think anyone's a fictive, so i'm sure theres people who do have those influences as a kid and people who dont.

  41. I once made a rant about this before but people simply dont care. i know its irritating, believe us, but we cant control others, barely ourselves, so let them have their lies, they wont be able to live up to them. if they want negative attantion its their problem, especially in the future when they cant keep up their lies anymore and will suffer :)

  42. I don't have DID but I'm mentally ill myself, there's nothing i hate more than people who fake mental illness on social media, it's not fun, it's not quirky, it's awful, if they really had the mental illnesses they claim they do they wouldn't be bragging about it online

  43. We’re an all fictive system so unfortunately the hate towards people who spread stigma about DID gets misdirected towards us. It’s very unfortunate in the battle against stigma for systems that systems who aren’t hurting anything get caught up too.

  44. Yes but as creators they aren't going to show the worst parts of themselves. I'm not one but if I was I would def only film my fun happy alters

  45. Haha starting to question myself because I still don’t display half the symptoms of did or any of its subtypes therapists don’t know what I have and switching is easy and I don’t have amnesia from it and like i constantly worry I’m faking especially with some of my alters being fictives of some of the media content I hyperfixate on

  46. Yup, it’s one of the reasons why we can’t have nice things. I’m curious exactly what the teenagers think they’re doing too. Eventually they’re either going to have to come out and say they don’t have DID, or they’re going to have to stick with an act for the rest of their life. Idk which one is more painful but either way I see it biting them in the ass eventually. This whole tiktok thing has caused me to lay really low recently.

  47. YES THANK YOU! Anytime I mention this on Twitter I get dogpiled by people saying “Self diagnosis is valid, stop gatekeeping UwU”

  48. The prevalence of DID being claimed on places like tiktok has been detrimental to our healing. I'm so ashamed of having DID because of all those out there who are faking it, and medical professionals are taking people with DID less seriously than they already were because of the influx of all these kids rushing in already self-diagnosed. Just wanted to comment my support outside of the "...I agree, but actually-" comments. Malingering and faking and normalizing disorders like DID hurts those who actually have it. I will never speak of our DID outside of therapy (which is hard enough to do with the shame we feel around having it) or on anonymous platforms like this.

  49. I actually love tiktok and don't get a lot of DID content on my fyp, but I do otherwise agree. When I see people spending a lot of time talking elaborately about the differences between their parts - without any relation to the trauma that caused the condition - it's almost insulting to me. I wish my experience was like that!! It's a lot of painful work.

  50. Felt this. DID is not just "alters disorder" or "quirky friends in your brain disorder." It is a complex trauma-based disorder with post-traumatic symptoms that can often be debilitating. Obviously things get easier during recovery, but still-- DID isn't some quirky, fun, iNtErEsTiNg disorder. I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

  51. It is because of people like you describe that I constantly doubt and question whether what I am experiencing is even alters of any kind. I don't know histories on any of them. They are barely "people" and I don't hear them talking. None of them are based on fictional anything. My system works with me to "meet and greet" for a while when I become aware of being a system and then eventually I fall asleep to it again and stuff just happens that I'm not aware of as switching or co-conscious or whatever because it's hard to make space for this stuff mentally.

  52. thank you for posting this! It's honestly so fucking annoying seeing people fake an already complex and RARE disorder that causes so much pain to the people who deal with it.

  53. I just learned about DID and I think I can relate a little if anyone can help me make sure it's the same thing or just some random mental illness.

  54. In all honesty, don't worry about it too much yet. You're 14, your brain is still developing, so any number of things may be happening in your brain, lots of changes happen between about 10-17 ish. So keep in mind that you should be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself as well as you can, and don't get too worried yet about exactly what may or may not be wrong with you. I hope that things turn out alright, and I hope you can stay safe. Edit: also please see a therapist or a doctor if you can, or even a school guidance counselor may be able to help you understand what's going on. It's important to seek help for things that are distressing to you!

  55. I agree. I’m lucky that I started therapy very early so I have OSDD instead of full-on DID, but it fucking sucks sometimes and I’m tired of seeing people being like ‘oh yeah I have it because I feel like I’m Spider Man sometimes’ like no that’s just a fantasy in your mind. We’ve integrated enough that we have good communication between us and I don’t get horrible amnesia, but the memory blanks are annoying as hell. And sometimes when you have to force yourself (the host) to be present, it’s physically painful. Like, throbbing headache.

  56. Hey it’s been a year and I’m just hoping you’re doing all right man especially because you’re right about Japan having bad mental health care systems. I really hope you got what you needed to get better

  57. I specially hate people who act like they know everything about their alters and they follow their commands, I’ve been writing in a journal everything I know about my alters and things my friends tell me and I know close to nothing, and ok, I have 1 alter that wants to front, but it requires spetial conditions and not with everyone, I hate when people act like: oh hi, I have this alter that is soft and shy but wants to be in front of a camera and show off to thousands of people.

  58. I agree. Well somewhat. I mostly get annoyed at because of people faking the disorder, Fictive Heavy systems (like us) who feel kinda like just because a lot of our alters are fictive that people don’t believe us or think that we’re faking it. It mostly just makes me sad. I’m happy that more people know of the disorder now and is slightly less stigmatised though

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