1. I'm hoping for Sin, but seeing as she hasn't appeared since pre-Flashpoint, this is more likely Emiko Queen or a new character altogether.

  2. Immediately what I thought! I look forward to Green Canary (come on, Green Arrow + Black Canary, has to happen, right?) and the rest this coming decade.

  3. I would really enjoy that. I would also love like a generational canary struggle limited series between mother and daughter between the JSA and the JLA and their relationship and then parallels and contrasts and then like the intro of how the canary corps starts to expand.

  4. So we have Black Canary, White Canary, and now Red Canary? That order is pretty interesting. Reminds me of a pattern often found in language where black and white have the oldest names, followed by red. Red usually seems to predate other colors. Than usually comes yellow and green, than blue, etc.

  5. Has parallels with the Widows at Marvel. There's Black Widow Natasha, a second one, Yelena, who's now called White Widow, and there's also been two Red Widows - one a teenager who appeared in a backup story in a couple of issues of Ms. Marvel, and the other an Avengers villain.

  6. This character should get in touch with Red Hood, Arrow, Tornado, and Robin, and maybe some Red Lantern, and form a group called "The Reds".

  7. Hopefully it's an existing character with ties to Black Canary or at least Green Arrow familly. Arrow fam is already big enough and with the "huge" attention they're getting memebers keep getting sidelined. This is the problem I have with DC overextending families that don't have enough books to support this many characters.

  8. Second. Lian's only superhero name is Cheshire Cat, and of course there's her civilian alias Shoes that she uses due to having amnesia, but that's not a superhero codename so doesn't count. She was too young before Flashpoint to become Speedy yet, though that seemed to be her destiny at the time.

  9. Now that I've left Twitter, I keep forgetting how stupid most of the comments are there. Reddit may not be brilliant, but we at least have full sentences.

  10. I hate variants of the same characters. Then again, most fans want like a zillion baby Batmen, baby Flashes, baby Supermen and so on. Even Ralph Dibny has an Elongated Kid. So a zillion Baby Canaries was just a matter of time.

  11. Dan Mora's a great artist, and yeah, his style is manga-esque. Have you seen his Bat Rangers designs? The Bat family in Power Rangers style suits.

  12. Honestly this better be Sin Lance or at least least Lian even if it dosent make sense. I would even take Emiko because if it is a new character that would make a 4th? Arrowfam Legacy who happens to be both Asian and Female.

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