1. Wow, these Hal covers have got me more excited for dark crisis then any event since flashpoint maybe. Hal really hasn’t been super important in any crisis (besides zero hour) so I’m really looking forward to him getting his due in this one.

  2. It almost feels like each issue is meant to be based around a single character. The already released #0 was for Wally West, we know #2 is for Nightwing, and now #3 is for Hal.

  3. Yeah noticed it too. Dark Crisis is a lot more character focused than other recent events. Plus there are other villains besides the cosmic ones too like Deathstroke.

  4. Zatanna and her fans really got the short end of the stick with her death. Doesn’t even appear with the rest of the dead league.

  5. I just mad that this event cutting off her JLD book. She finally step up as the leader and still on learning phase but get drafted for this event that really forgetting her

  6. Ok I'm definitely cover buying this book at least, Hal looks great here and having an incomplete set would bother me to no end.

  7. Upside: Jordan and Moonface have enough history that Pariah isn't going to take out Hal the same way he got John Stewart...

  8. The Great Darkness has mobilized to take over the multiverse with Pariah as it's like... uh... vessel/lead figure? So the Great Darkness has infested folks like Darksied, the biggest bads of the multiverse, and is using them as its vessel. Pariah "killed" the Justice League (likely sending them to weird universes tailored more for them to be "happy') and so folks like Nightwing and Hal Jordan have to lead the charge against Pariah.

  9. It's about the League being missing/"dead" and the next generations (Dick, Wally, Jon etc.) having to step up in their absence. The Great Darkness, Pariah and the Dark Army are the cosmic threats while Deathstroke and his new Secret Society are the grounded ones.

  10. mostly Just like death metal with different villains. the promise is kind of the same. it's just this time the justice League are dead for the 6th time.

  11. Yeah. He was always portrayed as kind of a crybaby (for good reasons) but he was always a good guy and never so powerful. When did that change?

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