1. It’s really an interesting character study, as almost all of the characters appear to be rising up, and the only two who feel like they are on the descent, as if coming down from above, are Batman and Nightwing.

  2. Love these! I was giggling at the Shazam one. If you don't know the back story it looks like a lightning God roasting some kid.

  3. The Superman one is giving off a Christopher Reeve vibe for me. Or maybe it’s simply that the style has a “live action” aesthetic.

  4. I have two of these in my house. Superman and flash. It was really hard to pick. I was looking at the flash one the other day thinking about how I’d get more if I could find them.

  5. My brother bought me a few of these prints. There is also a cool one of Batman v Superman where the character is on either end coming at each other. I love it.

  6. Is there a link for high-res/4K versions of this? These would be PERFECT for my vertical monitor

  7. Looks like Andrew Day's artwork. He was/ is.a storyboard artist for Leo Burnett ( and so was his dad). A lot of people rip-off his work either by cropping of messing with the color. I have a few of his pieces. I try to pick one up when I see him at an Artist Alley.

  8. I have 2 of this guy's prints hanging on my wall. He has an amazing Spider-Man one and his Obi-wan vs Jango piece are my personal favorites.

  9. lmao I love them all but I kept clicking through just hoping and waiting for Nightwing, saw him last and went "LETS GOOOO!"

  10. I met him at C2E2 and got three of his pieces, the Batman one, where he is in the signal and Gordon is lighting a cigar, and then a Spider-Man one and an obi wan Kenobi vs jango Fett one. Great work.

  11. So good. This really reinforcers my idea that A Superman film would look great if it took it's visual aesthetic from watercolors. There is just something about Supes done in watercolors that work so well for his visual and world.

  12. These make incredible wallpapers for a Samsung Flip 3. I haven't been able to find any superman themed ones that fit and this... this is perfect. Thank you

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