1. Hey! I was coincidentally just researching this the other day. My gf and I were searching for Titans comics and came across the new Raven book by Kami Garcia and yourself and immediately became curious if there were others.

  2. Thank you so much for the support! I don’t know what DC is planning to do next but I’m really hoping to do all the titans and then maybe a reunion book

  3. Yes! Initially it was for dc ink imprint but they merged with the main DC line. This is out of continuity though!

  4. Just looked through your page to an earlier post where you mentioned hoping to draw for DC one day. Just wanted to say congrats on making it!

  5. Dude, I LOVE your art and I'm so happy to see a fellow Brazilian in such a important role! Parabéns véi! Tu é incrível e vai longe!

  6. Best of luck with this title! Glad you made this post because I recognized the art style and never would've made the connection.

  7. Love the idea of a solo Beast Boy book! Always thought he's never gotten to shine outside a team. Congratulations on working on it!

  8. Just bought several copies of Raven to give out for Christmas and this looks great too, Gabriel!

  9. So cool to see! I love that you post here. Your work is fantastic, and whatever your long-term career goals are, I hope this launches you towards them. What's a dream project of yours, comics or otherwise?

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