1. This is great as usual. Now I really can't wait for the Raven book to come out. I just love your art style and the Teen Titans/Titans are my favorite team.

  2. Forgive me for being out of the loop, but there's a Raven book coming out? What's it called? Sounds like something I'd like to watch out for.

  3. I’m pretty sure the human switchblade could do the dishes no problem. Robin is def the shifty one since he had a butler for the better part of his years

  4. I REALLY hate when writers/artists depict hero’s as wearing their costume while in leisure. Like- would Robin really be wearing his domino mask on a lazy Saturday afternoon at the pad? So stupid

  5. Depending on the robin yeah. Dick is the type of person so proud of it that he would constantly wear it, i think the same applies to tim. But that is just those two, I can also see Bruce doing it, thats just the stuff they are about.

  6. In the Young Justice comic in the 90s, they all go on a camping trip and play truth or dare. Robin is dared to remove his mask.

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