1. Now that is how you add more multicultural characters. I totally forgot about Mas y Menos! And they look really cool here as well.

  2. Youre one hell of a detective... possibly the worlds greatest? Im just sayin... no one has seen

  3. I need you to have a Titans ongoing where you're just given free reign to do whatever you want. That would be the closest thing DC could have to a way to print money

  4. And continuing the running gag of Robin and Speedy being the exact same, they have matching Letterman's jackets. Well played.

  5. DC COMICS needs to give Picollo head artist and writer on any teen titans/young justice books. I’d prefer it over the current TT and Bendis’ young justice

  6. Do you have an online store where you sell your work? I would definitely buy individual character stickers, in this photo Robin and Aqualad are my favorite.

  7. I follow you o Twitter and Instagram and didn't look at your username. Was about to be mad for you not crediting yourself haha

  8. iirc you're the one who does the Starfire x Robin and beastboy x Raven arts? I love those. Nice job. :)

  9. I was about to get mad and comment “you prick! Don’t post art without the source! This belongs to Mr. Picolo!” but then I saw your username lol. Hi Gabe!

  10. I follow you on IG and I love your work so much. This is the first time I've seen your art on Reddit. I zoomed in to see if it was HD and it was, so then I checked the username and I was like :O "It's him!"

  11. I hate to be that guy, but I feel like Teen Titans would have been a better show if some of the OG Titans later became apart of the team full time in the show. I know Aqualad and Speedy showed up a lot but I would have liked the OG 4 to join up with the normal team.

  12. you're the artist? this is amazing. m&m are my all time favourite underrated "no one talks about them"characters

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