1. Twitter is filled with the Snyderverse stans hailing this as the Snyderverse being restored. So much for artistic vision…

  2. They really don’t have common sense do they? Batgirl, a movie that costed WB “only” $90 million, was axed by the studio to save money. Now, why the fuck would WB bring back Snyder if his movies were polarizing and each cost around $200-300 million? 😂

  3. I think you mean the Snyder bots bc the number of Snyder fans is little. If it was massive fanbase we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  4. I am disappointed in the news but find it funny how that behavior is a problem now but not when it happened to Snyder who got fucked in 2017. Everyone lauded that toxic behavior and calls to erase his work so spare them the criticism. They're doing what "true DC fans" did im 2016 and 2017 so maybe that's what or who we ACTUALLY need to be criticizing.

  5. Any guesses? Blue Beetle going is the most likely I think. I think all the projects in limbo like GL, JL Dark and whatever else that JJ Abrams crew had going on is definitely gone, I just hope there's no bad news regarding The Batman and it's world.

  6. Wasn't he hired as a concept artist recently? I think it's the last nail on the coffin for Cavill. Maybe something related to GL

  7. Argh, please don't tell me The Flash is in jeopardy again. At this point I just want to see my Flash movie. Any Flash movie will do. Then I can move on with my life.

  8. Disappointing to see more bad news maybe coming but after today would anyone be really surprised? Canceling Blue Beetle would be a huge mistake imo, I think it has potential to do really well if it’s good but they’re gonna do what they want so nothing I can do it about it.

  9. I feel like Blue Beetle is safe. The decision to go from HBO Max to theatrical was made six months before filming started, so I would think they upped the budget and the action in response. If one of the main issues with Batgirl was that it was too expensive for HBO Max but too cheap looking for theatrical, I would think Blue Beetle won't have that problem.

  10. Probably unpopular but I don't care what gets cancelled. DC has been rocky with their plans, it's been half the movies are tied to Snyderverse half are sort of there, then we have the degenerate Flash. Fuck it all, restart it or do whatever but this needs to be fixed. Don't expect MCU when we are still trying to figure out what is what in this cinematic universe.

  11. Honestly just hard reboot. Love Shazam, The Suicide Squad, and Birds of Prey a lot but they were hardly connected or telling a larger story.

  12. Ive said for years now the only announcement Ill be happy with is they are scrapping everything and starting over completely from scratch. I mean, I dont mind them releasing the movies that are finished but I really wish theyd stop making new ones and just put together a cohesive connected DC movie universe like Marvel has done. And thats not happening unless they start over.

  13. Hey at least the fanbase is finally mostly united about something. Sucks it took batgirl getting canceled. But I’ve seen people from the big divides all say that zaslav pretty much sucks. So good on him for bringing the fanbase mostly together.

  14. Lol. You only bin a completely filmed 80 million dollar movie if you’re sure the IP’s real value is absolutely insane if it’s done well and/or the product is so trash that it’ll further soil the audience perception of DC. They’ll conveniently forget how much they hate him after a few years of refusing to put out crap DC movies.

  15. Yeah, this was always a possibility after the merger and having Zaslav running things; it was said he wanted to rein in costs and slash budgets. He wants big event films and films that cost less than $50 million dollars.

  16. Things that could be in danger: Blue Beetle, The Flash, Green Lantern Corp TV series, Penguin TV series, Doom Patrol new season, Young Justice not confirmed for a new season, what else am I forgetting? Aquaman is the only thing that seems completely safe for next year.

  17. Contrary to the opinion of many, I am hopeful for the future of DC with the cancellation of Batgirl. I like the actors involved in the film, but it never felt like a quality project. DC movies should be theatrical events, not direct releases to a streaming platform. WBD seems to have finally sat down to plan an organized universe, with coherent projects, instead of continuing to greenlight meaningless projects. Planning a justice league around Keaton's Batman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Aquaman and Supergirl never made sense.

  18. The only thing I deeply care about is Reeves’ universe (The Batman 2, Arkham, Penguin). I’ll still be bummed about other stuff getting canceled but they really struck gold with The Batman.

  19. Good. Shut down the entire crap factory and remodel. See ya next year or the year after that. DC has put out about four respectable movies in the last decade and twice as many piles of shit. They’ve got an ace with Pattinson. They should just amputate the rest.

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