1. It sounds like, in a nutshell, they want to do what works and also shore up the areas that are languishing or need improving, which is the right call compared to yet another baby-tossing-with-the-bathwater scenario.

  2. I honestly wish theyd just scrap every DC project they have and after the Flash start the entire thing over. Have The Batman be the first movie in their all new DCU. Next up, Superman. And then slowly build up to a Justice League movie and build the DCU out from there. Id try and poach whoever I could get, starting with James Gunn, and put together a team to literally build a DC universe that can compete with Marvel. No more stand alone movies. Connect all of them.

  3. Great news! Loved all the newer dc projects under Hamada and am super happy to hear they’re gonna focus on Superman again, he’s my favourite superhero and while I’m more then fine with getting other characters, I’d love to see another Superman movie sooner rather then later.

  4. Was it always a given? Don't get me wrong I'm very happy that Superman will be coming back but I don't think this was ever guaranteed

  5. I…don’t know how I feel about this because it really depends on who they choose as the head of all of this. Do they let the directors still have an identity or do they pre-viz all the moments in the DC movies in the future?

  6. Sounds good, happy they acknowledged the mistreatment of Superman and the aura of bad energy it has left over the DCEU.

  7. Wb really hasn't taken advantage of all the DC properties other than batman so this is great to hear. Really glad he's recognized that superman has always been ignored

  8. If discovery is moving in a completely new direction then this would prove that despite what some claim the last 3 years under hammada aren't really been seen as very successful by discovery.

  9. I hope that the "top-shelf characters such as Superman have been left to languish" part does not mean that Superman didn't have enough films so we now need to fast track everything... The problem was that the films he was in weren't that good for various reasons. So, they shouldn't rush projects if they aren't absolutely ready. Which is kind of similar to the strategy of the current studio executives. I somehow believe that Hamada is gonna stay and his role is gonna be bigger. But let's see what the future will bring us. Also, its promising that they seem to like films like the Joker and The Batman.

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