1. I'd say this makes it all the more believable. They're introducing a new prominent character in the movies, might as well start pushing her in the comics as well.

  2. I like Nubia but if patty Jenkins is writing WW3 I'm not gonna go through the same pain and suffering as I did to try to get through WW84

  3. The fact people try and make ww84 seem like it’s one of the worst movies is so beyond me especially if we’re going to give multiverse of madness a pass. The story didn’t match the ww that’s already been established and I think there should’ve been a final action battle but to say it was shit is beyond

  4. It could be cool! I’m also open to seeing Donna, Cassie, Artemis, etc. I guess if it’s true, we should be seeing Diana return to Themyscira where Nubia is perhaps the current champion?

  5. Man, Patty Jenkins had so much mojo after WW, but after WW89 and her stint with Star Wars that went nowhere, she lost her mojo. No Amazon spinoff show or movies.

  6. This makes sense considering she’s been getting more and more prominent in the comics (including having her own series and is now the queen of Themyscira)

  7. I mean maybe? Idk this seems like just a hopeful rumor opposed to a leak as there seems to be a lot of conflicting info on whos in that movie or not.

  8. Nubia is a character who’s been around since the 70’s and is a far established character in the Wonder Woman mythos, and has been black since her creation. The fuck are you talking about turning everything black, she already IS black.

  9. Makes me wonder if, like Batman and Superman, Nubia serves as WW’s replacement in the DCEU if Gadot wants to bow out.

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