1. Youre right but i think the issue is people dont bother sharing coins from 4chan until theres enough momentum behind them otherwise people here just say stuff like "push your shitcoin elsewhere" or "keep your pnd scams to /biz/" .. so its kind of pointless sharing here

  2. Yea there’s definitely no easy solution.. I wish there was a closed community where we all filter through 4chan and other forums and write out somewhat detailed and objective posts on potential coins. No pnds and ignorant shilling.

  3. Most of the people on here are missing out because they want to call everything a scam. Like Grimm for example its a super legit project that they've been working on for 2.5 years but because its pumping its automatically a scam

  4. pretty sure 4chan starts those pumps. Yea there are pump and dump groups but its hard to follow them all. 4chan has been shilling ESH for the past couple of weeks so a few people there definitely made 80x

  5. 4chan, It doesn't let me comment.. says comments from this IP is not allowed. Any help on this is appreciated

  6. if you want to participate in musical chairs then go for it. When it is posted on 4chan the pnd group are already in. IMHO i wouldnt risk it

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