1. These things take time. You can’t expect a government to instantly approve a newfangled technology, especially, when there is a lot of sensitive data involved.

  2. He’s not being impatient, he just wants to know how these projects have progressed. OP, they’re doing fine, just keep an eye on them

  3. Nice. Seeing the centralized foundations combating things like DIDs, I believe it is an uphill struggle. The decentralized and open-source network will eventually triumph, but it will be a lengthy war.

  4. Yeah it's been nice to see these Foundations pop up and start funding innovators and devs like crazy lol, this is the kind of development that some chains needs. I seen a good example this week with the HBAR Foundation, they made the headlines a couple times, hopefully they can actually increase adoption like everyone wants to see, and not just for Hedera this time but for crypto in general.

  5. It's a bootstrapping problem. With DID, everyone made up their own schemas (1) so it's actually not very useful. It also needs to be searchable and easy to access somehow. I can't remember the name but there is a startup trying to be the central indexer of DIDs.

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