1. There’s a huge difference between being a promoter and actually putting your own money in. I’m surprised and happy, and kinda curious on how she heard about this in the first place

  2. Honestly, I didn't sell ada only because for the last 9 months. There are many better, cheaper, faster and more complex dexes and amms, than these on Cardano, so if nothing changes in the near future I'm gonna put this money into another ecosystem. SO THIS might be their last chance to convince me.

  3. Hugely hopeful for the DEX too. I think Cardano is set for a very strong year and I hope total decentralization is on track

  4. Just wanna remind you guys how Cardano is one of if not the worst eco-friendly blockchain to exist, Literally has been nothing but a downfall since approx. 6 months, and I've frankly given up on it and instead I bought some HBAR (around 3 months ago) simply because it feels like it's a reliable and safe network which is currently being broadly adopted thanks to hard work of the HBAR foundation.

  5. huh? I used it for the first time a few weeks ago. Took about 3 second'ish for a swap to complete, then another 5 seconds to get in the sundae/ada pool. I'm sure there were lots of issues at the start, but looks to be pretty good now.

  6. It doesn't mean the DEX will be successful, it needs a lot of good features like Kaddex DEX offering transactions without gas fees.

  7. Notable investors such as Hollywood actress Gal Gadot and producer Jaron Varsano, who participated in the $2.5 million funding round, expressed strong interest in the project.

  8. Yeah, Cardano may seem like a good option for buying. However, I prefer risking a bit and going for some low cap gems. As many people say, no risk = no gain. Last week, I invested in a project called Kitty Inu. Their token $kitty looks great since all Kitty's Inu ecosystem is based on the metaverse, which it's very early to invest even today.

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