1. Lol she disclosed this first on Peter McCormack’s podcast… she’s now flexing her previously private successful personal investments to deflect from her investment fund getting completely rekt. She couldn’t even recall how many bitcoin she bought.

  2. Red flag. If I bought at $250 and never sold, I would know exactly what I’m holding. Tbh though, I easily would’ve taken profits by now. Lots and lots of profits.

  3. Yes, most rich tech people would've heard about Bitcoin well before the common middle class person, and also, a common middle class person would've maybe thrown a few hundred bucks at it , whereas she can peel off $100K no problem as a runner.

  4. Damn that's just something good to see man, I never heard about it though, hope this is something real because that's a fucking good achievement to see right now.

  5. It’s simple that’s just a safety net, just like an old boss of mine was pissed when Greece was going to give up their currency, she was going to loose 200k.

  6. A lot of people shit on her, but it takes a big resolve to hold through all that, even as a rich person. Imagine all of her peers that wanted to sell.

  7. No, not at all. If you are rolling in cash, she probably hardly thinks about it. Imagine an old Nokia phone in your drawer that was worth 25c and now is worth $20. You might go months without thinking about it at all. That BTC is worth $8m, which is probably less than her wealth fluctuates in a day.

  8. They are far from being in negative so they care shit about the current price. I would swipe right in Tinder. I like sugar moms.

  9. She has a 2 million dollar price point. There's no reason to rush into selling when she already has a 20k profit for each coin when her target is that high.

  10. This is the kind of shit I wanted in my life that, that can work so well for a person like me but sad to say that I can never have that shit again in my life, so bad to see.

  11. Fuck that's a lot man, she just got the right chance to do that and she did that in a good way like she love it, that's all I can say, she is having a good time with that.

  12. Why this clowns always lying… fuck you miss you are a big clown… wait until 2030 Chatie buy coinbase shares and never sell a single share 🤡

  13. Jeez a lot of critics in here, Cathy Woods has done considerably better than anyone in these comments. And ark, while I am currently not holding, will do very well long term.

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