1. tbh, if you were making me uncomfy, and then asked me if you were making me uncomfy I would feel safer knowing you aren’t doing it intentionally:)

  2. Honestly, I find it sweet when my bf makes sure I'm not uncomfortable. He said from the very beginning "if I do anything to make you uncomfortable, slap me". I think if you're worried abt her being uncomfortable, then do ask her bcs it's a relief even just clearing things up. It'll be a relief for you and it'll be easier to cope with more important things

  3. I don’t know if I’ve made her uncomfortable, that’s why I want to ask. Her body language is hot and cold and I just wanted there to be mutual understanding.

  4. My crush always makes sure I’m comfortable, and he’s always so careful around me. Especially since I’m in a new place around new people, I appreciate it so much that he asks if I’m comfortable or anything like that.

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