1. You ever notice how the ones that facially look unappealing or overly masculine will wear masks/have massive obscuring hair—but the femboys that actually look feminine don’t?

  2. Me and 90 precent of the women I know sleep like that. It's super comfortable. (Bonus comfort points if you are hugging a pillow)

  3. I mean, sure I guess. This just seems to be hateful tho. Atleast the comments. This isn't all that bad.

  4. Most femboys get their idea of femininity from hentai and anime characters, completely unhinged understanding of the world and very unhealthy

  5. statistically if your a femboy your more likely to be bi then gay intrestingly enough but there is a correlation between liking men and being a femboy

  6. I don’t mind people like them, the hair just confuses me, I see so many kids using their hair like that and I keep wondering how do they see

  7. "welcome to eye blech kid we got tub girl ,1 man 1 jar, 2 girls 1 cup, peple getting skinned by cartel, a woman getting raped in the elevator and a skitzofrenic guy ripping his eye off"

  8. This brings disgrace and dishonor to Eevee: the best Pokémon in terms of evolutionary advantage. Instead, evolution created you; a petty excuse for a human being. You will rot in hell and will not be saved come Armageddon. May fire rain upon your desecrated body for all of eternity and shall you repent, may it fall upon deaf ears

  9. Oh shit I just realized I check most of these boxes. So now I shall volunteer my self is a vir… STD riddled sacrifice so I don’t spread femboy all throughout this shithole known as reddit. First person to hunt me down gets…. An STD fuelled femboy blowjob

  10. This is cringe cause cringe femboy and all, but mfs he so hateful over someone's choices to be a man and effeminate. Like got damn

  11. I agree with all of the points, but the hate keeping of “YOU MUST” .. Issa no from me. I agree a bunch of these qualities make femboys cute, I love femboys they’re usually very cool to talk to but saying you must do this or that is shitty behaviour. What if they had hip sugery Lucas. Not everyone can sit like a folded milk bottle!

  12. ikr right im a femboy too and the good girl good boy thingy freaks me the fuck out and he just makes a load of generalizations but i agree with the thigh high bit

  13. Ok i don't care if people dislike this, but at this point this shit is just mental health gone to shit or attention seeking like a hore 🤢🥴

  14. I'm trying to search a big comment here made by Leachlurka, but I can't find it, and every time I go into his profile, "we had trouble getting into Reddit"

  15. Rules of being a femboy : cover your face as much as humanely possible so people don't find out you're actually extremely ugly and unattractive

  16. not entirely true, if you put a pillow under your leg that’s up then it’s a lot better for your back than without, just an fyi.

  17. His actions and language usage is what causes that cringe, not gender. Quit trying to make them out as a victim just because they’re gay.

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