1. "Hamne mcg ke SWINGING conditions mei england ke khilaf wickets liye, India toh Adelaide ke FLAT track pe ek wicket nhi nikal paye " is Trophy ke champions

  2. When the WC started, Pak fans said they do not care about the WC and all that matters to them is to beat India in the group stage.

  3. Inko to sikandar raza aakr apni aukat batayega. Bhenchod in logo ki to kismat badhiya h Ireland inke group me nahi h. Nahi to usse bhi gaand marwa kr aajate saale chutiye. India ko gaali de rha h laudu.

  4. As an England fan, I've gotta say Pakistan bowled brilliantly. Were very unlucky to miss out in the end, with Shaheens injury. If they had scored 150, 160 would have been a fascinating game.

  5. That's what I am saying... That we played extremely well and proved that we deserved to be in final... But Indians toxic fans are only seeing the defeat and barking like we didn't do anything in match and India lost by an inch in semis...

  6. Pakistan were amazing, you have the best bowling attack in the competition and your fielding has come on a lot. It was a very close and tense game ,

  7. People are really comparing Adelaide flat track to Melbourne bouncy pitch. Go watch bhuvi and arsh spell in MCG and talk. Sometimes I feel some people don't understand cricket.

  8. Yes but if you lose by 10 wickets you get mad that your team did nothing... But if you lose by inch you don't get mad but you respect them... Yes it's a lost but we loved their effort...

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