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  2. IPL is definitely the best thing that has happened to Indian cricket. It has given Indian team a solid pool of players, something we always struggled to have and it has made cricket a legitimate a career for many who will never make it to the Indian cricket team. We keep struggling in the ICT tournaments due to poor team selection and player performances on big occasions. IPL is just an easy target.

  3. IMO it’s the selectors and the team management who keep fucking it up. I have a feeling that more than focusing on the way a team is built which can win a trophy in a format for a certain condition they focus more on building a team around big name players hoping for a win. They don’t even have a clear format template like how England have. They want every bright star in the team to play across formats for some reason without any rhyme or reason.

  4. IPL is the reason why many talented kids are playing professionally in the first place. Previously, the only way to make money playing cricket was if you played for India. This made many look for safer careers in a risk-averse developing country like ours.

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