1. India truly bipolar in NZ haven't lost a single t20i since past 7-8 t20is, we've lost all past 6-7 test and ODIs

  2. He used to be a good ODI bowler and a pretty rubbish test bowler, and then around 2015 his ability in tests and ODIs just went on totally different trajectories

  3. Great game by both sides. Fantastic recovery by our brothers India after Lockie's 2 wicket over. Got to admit when we were 3 down I rolled my eyes but both men pulled of something special. We'll leave the little kids boundary park and see how we do at a decent ground next game.

  4. Man what a come back from the Aus ODI series Kane is back in form, Tommy has a new high score and despite his poor record against other SENA nations he just keeps rolling through Asian teams.

  5. As we know, there are only two spinners available in the entirety of India, and which one to choose is a topic of nationwide meditation.

  6. Cant win anything remotely important. At least win meaningless bilaterals . I mean if India stop even winning bilaterals what are they paying for ???

  7. just smashed my TV in rage. this team embarassed me in front of my entire family. my 2 kids are in tears, scared of my rage as I pace around the room trembling. I can't take this anymore.

  8. So much better than T20. This format combines the best of test and short format and is a better benchmark for talent.

  9. Eden Park is a tricky ground to bat on (the small boundaries are tempting, but the ball still needs to be worked around the ground).

  10. It's incredible how easy they made it look. Exquisite batting and am happy Kane got a good innings under his belt, he's not been at his best of late

  11. I blame my father for helping me get into cricket. Life would have been so much simpler if I would not have supported this horrendous excuse of a team and emotionally invested in them. Absolutely horrible

  12. This isn't even Latham's final form. Two games from now you'll all have to look into the eyes of Hagley Park Tom Latham. That man is a different beast but the same animal.

  13. Latham has consistently smashed around India at home for several years. No IPL interest for him whatsoever. Why would he suddenly "be playing for that auction" now at age 30?

  14. Ffs Sunder should've scored more so that we could've gotten Kanos 100 and Latham 150 smh /s

  15. Chahar is great but he might be fragile as hell considering his injury woes. Shame really, as he has that "go for the win" attitude.

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