1. If you're interested in australian cricket then i would highly recommend The Test, which came out a few years ago focusing on the men's team after "sandpapergate". I loved it!

  2. Documentary on IPL would be fun but cricket,specifically in India, is too focused on maintaining a good image and "understanding" that creating drama/fights and a intense rivalry would be near impossible.

  3. I'd love to see a documentary that follows a single player throughout the course of a calendar year, traveling the world through multiple franchise leagues and formats on different continents.

  4. Cricket has enough problems with fanbases without bringing Drive to Survive style invented narratives, fake dramas, and non-linear storytelling into the equation.

  5. After watching the Arsenal all Or nothing I had also made a comment on this sub about having it based on a Cricket team. The Australian one was ok but it could be better. However hopefully they should choose the right team with a lot of charisma so idk which team would be perfect

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