1. IDK it is still the GT vs SRH match for me for match of the season... 12 off 2, Rashid Khan against his former team. The whole match was very high quality both batting and bowling for the most part...

  2. They truly looks like Baz's NZ though. They never give up. Even back then Umesh didn't stop. Today both Rinku and Natine didn't give up. It will be interesting to see what happened next year. If Shreyas turns up more with the bat and has few things turn his way in the field,I'm pretty sure he can lead them well next year.

  3. This is the second match I've ever seen and I needed to check to see if that was normal or if it was as bonkers as I felt it was as someone who only barely knows the rules.

  4. Do Aussies have special power in final overs or in icc tournament. I have never seen australia choking once they are in comfortable position .

  5. Imagine scoring 140* and the highest opening partnership of IPL and almost losing the game. Depressed Kock and King Legend forever

  6. Tbh he does seem to be getting less opportunities than he deserves. He was on the bench for 2 years before finally getting proper opportunities this year. And look what he has done now, when he has finally got the chances.

  7. Damn, every possible thing went wrong for KKR and they still almost got over the line. Imagine if they had had Rinku in the team from game 1.

  8. I was an atheist 2 years ago. Then came Lord Tewatia in 2020, Lord Thakur in 2021 and now Lord Kingku Singh in 2022, smashed my face and now I believe in Godmen. All hail our 3 magical men on Earth

  9. Really wanted Lord Kingku to take the team home but man would have felt very bad for De Kock if LSG had lost. Imagine you score a not out 140 off 70 balls, and also take a blinder in the first over, and your team still loses lmao.

  10. So proud of this team! I’ve been a supporter since I was 10 years old and matches like these remind me why I love this team. It’s the korbo and lorbo, it’s the history of this team man. We’re KKR and we don’t give up!

  11. The Lord Kingku dismissal delivery was VERY close to being a no ball. Man.. Imagine if that was a no ball, bruhhh this game already had everything and a no ball would have lead to majority of the audience getting heart attacks.

  12. And to think this middle order can play for next 8-9 years, unreal talent for KKR. Think Venky can be a good opener but need 1 solid domestic opener

  13. One of the best IPL matches I've seen in my life. I didn't care much about Kolkata earlier, but I was watching today since I'm an RR fan. KKR won hearts man, they've given us 2 super close matches this season, and I'm glad that RR just need to win their next game to secure top 2 spot, thank u KKR.

  14. And to think t20 isn't even Rinku's best format. I hope he's locked into whatever the next India A tour is. He looks made to play international cricket

  15. This match could have so been similar to RR vs PBKS 2020. KL is very lucky that LSG won this by the skin of their teeth.

  16. is it an IPL rule or by ICC for all international games? I think the rule makes sense because the bowling team needs to be rewarded for taking a wicket

  17. I really don't have a personal stance on the rule but I have hated the flat pitches and new ball rule in limited overs, so just for love for bowlers i will take it.

  18. Venky last year , Kingku this year. We have some gems on the bench. Hope Kingku doesn't catch the Venky 'first season wonder' disease next year.

  19. Rinku's technique is much tighter. He's a far better first class player than Venky, which should help him be less prone to being figured out

  20. KKR is the new RCB. We will lose the match but God damn we will make sure to win your hearts, livers and kidneys. Too many close 200+ chases in the past 2 years.

  21. This was the best game of this tournament, it overtook RR Vs KKR in terms of entertainment provided and the constant twists and turns. Fucking amazing game of cricket. Ahh I love this sport.

  22. Kkr might have lost but they played incredibly well..just got unlucky at the end..Rinku Singh another talented player found..

  23. I dont understand why teams are so stubborn with their batting lineup. KKR should have had Narine opening instead of Venku. They had enough batters today to push out of form batter down the order.

  24. For the first time I was this conflicted for an IPL match of my Team, first of All LSG is fairly new and Lord Kingku just deserved the win.

  25. What a game to watch as a neutral. 140*(70), followed by KKR getting 208 after being 10-2 after 3 overs. Not to mention that rollercoaster of a last over

  26. I've always maintained KKR as a franchise has always been that could literally pull off anything, especially when it comes to chases. Unfortunately the 5 loss streak in the middle hurt us quite a bit. And honestly I can only blame McCullum for this. The guy chopped and changed squad like hell. And guess what, it was our original XI that brought us to our winning ways.

  27. yeah, but I've always wondered why kkr fans blame Baz for everything? How do they know Baz has such a big say in team selection? I'm not a kkr fan so i really don't know

  28. So the most successful IPL side is the first one to get knocked out followed by the 2nd most successful side followed by the third most successful side, nice.

  29. Listen guys, I'm not one of those Punjab fans who will tear apart KL at any opportunity but today's innings were absolutely atrocious. He did the same shit in the tewatia game where mayank scored a century and he did some 50 ball 60 bs. He really needs to take advantage of batting pitches.

  30. Okay so I don't know who can vouch for this here, but did they fucking change the IPL post match theme to be in 7/8 time signature ??

  31. M.Kartik during presentation - doesn't ask specific questions, keeps answering on behalf of the player, keeps offering his own opinion instead of waiting for the player, says everything there is to say and then asks the player to talk more about it, leaves

  32. Man only if we can get a good openor and a good death bowler. A batting order of Shreyas Rana Kingku Bilbo & Russell Narine is fucking bonkers. Still cant believe we pulled the match after it was 61 needed of 20 balls after russells wicket. God please give us a good openor to partner venky up top & a gun death bowler

  33. Imagine if KKR had finished the chase lmao, would have loved to see "Strike rate is overrated" Rahul in the post match, striking at 133 when your partner is striking at 200 has no excuse

  34. Yeah this is the correct take. He's a good young batter, made bags of runs in domestic cricket, showed off what he can do tonight. Why must there always be this layer of irony behind the praise? Just so fucking cringe and pathetic.

  35. LSG are an extremely top heavy team who struggle badly if the openers fail to get runs on the board. GT will bag another easy W in the playoffs against them if RR don't bump them off 2nd place.

  36. I usually get so annoyed when people ask for someone who has only had 1 good season to go to the WC, but fuck it, bring MOshin and Rinku on the plane

  37. Shut up stoin. I love ya, but ya making me cry. How and why? I have seen you bottle this for Australia and for Lucknow you do it? Have you ever fucking been to Lucknow? Ughhh.

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