1. Finally MI management will come to their senses next season and start Timmy in every game . Dude is insane. Also Ramandeep in this game did good more than Thambi and unadkat could the whole tournament . He definitely isn’t a Hardik Pandya replacement but if focuses on his batting more he wouldn’t be a bad lower order option

  2. I have no idea why y’all paid so much for him when the management clearly didn’t trust him. I’m a big fan of his and was disappointed RCB didn’t give him a proper opportunity but was more disappointed with MI, who actually have competent management

  3. Electrifying atmosphere in the stadium in that 18th over. Wish the result would have been different, like the last game I attended (MI vs GT)

  4. RCB has nothing to do with this match. For playoff, RCB should win next match and DC should lose against MI. This is the straight way. If RCB and DC both win or both lose, NRR will come into picture.

  5. Tripathi speaks so politely like a newbie answering his first interview. Guy's 31 already. You can tell he's a great human being. Hope he gets India call up soon. Probably for SA.

  6. Wonder what's keeping India from giving Tripathi the cap, he's so good and consistent. Even the lul during that losing streak wasn't too bad because of the soft/unlucky dismissals. He's always looking to accelerate no matter the situation.

  7. Bro its either KKr or DC? No way both teams can make playoffs. Rr, lsg and GT are practically qualified. To knock off RR or LSG from playoffs, RCB seriously have to get GT all out below 49

  8. Mahela is a very successful T20 coach but if you listen to him talking tactically about T20, 2021 and 2022 MI are exactly the kind of team you'd imagine under him.

  9. Iyer still has a really good overseas tour to NZ saving his place in the team at the moment. The reason it receives even more validation is because he was the only one except Rahul who actually played well in the ODI series.

  10. What else Tripathi has to do to get a chance in Indian team? He silently does the work and nobody even talks about him

  11. Maybe play the extra pacer in Karunaratne/extra spinner in Nabi and open with Sheldon. Cause that's all they can do. Demoting Sheldon to 6 and making Finch open is going to mess things again. OR they can get Rinku at 6(bad idea but he plays well anyway), play Finch at 5 like GL did,and make Sheldon/Rana Open and let the non opening guy play at 3 and Iyer at 4.

  12. Tim David saw Nattu struggling for rhythm and thought he could steal a run off him lol. Rhythm is what Nattu learnt playing with a Cricket ball. That ingenuity you saw in the run out is how he survived for the better part of his life with a tennis ball.

  13. I had similar thoughts when i saw that run out. It was a tennis ball match runout. No disdain for it, it was ingenious indeed.

  14. I know most people here don’t really like Gavaskar’s commentary, but I think it’s quite insane to see his passion and dedication towards the sport even at this age. He’s turning 73 soon, is one of India’s biggest superstars in Cricket, likely doesn’t need the money from his commentary gigs, and yet is willing to put himself through these long and excruciating bubbles away from his family. Not just for the IPL, but he’s there for pretty much any series India plays. Insane.

  15. Well,i can agree to mostly everything you said. I sometimes feel that his instincts are mostly wrong. His predictions are polar opposite. Players that he backs go out of form. He is and shall remain legend of the game. He should also retire. Why? There is life to be lived with family. Commentators,gig, especially in IPL, demands a lot of vitality and bit more of youth. I am no ENT but he seems to be having some hearing issues. I would rather see him retire from the gig altogether and stay healthy and live a blissful life with his friends and family, relatives,etc. I think he is happy when giving his opinions and views which is great. At the same time,i see him not as a family man who, someone who has a wife and grandkids but still chooses to be away from them 6+mos every year at such an age. He is slowly going to grow bitter, obnoxious and proud/egoistic old man with out of touch views and some vile young idiot is going to discredit or dishonour him by enticing his ego. I can see him slapping some one during a live event coz of some obnoxious joke or something similar.

  16. Here we are, going gaga over Umran (and rightly so) and this man played 4 such quicks in tandem, without helmet, no bouncer restrictions, and uncovered pitches, and fucking dominated them

  17. Ok but that was completely brain-dead by david there, Ramandeep isn't a tailender, he could've easily given him the strike at the start of the 19th if he wanted it so bad, then 18 of 11 would be so ez the way he was batting. Dude single handedly brought it close and ruined it himself.

  18. RCB lose they are out. DC has to lose big and SRH vs PBKS one of them has to big (most likely PBKS since they are better in NRR). KKR has to win against LSG and cross DC’s NRR and hope for DC’s big loss. Basically DC is in the best position unless script writers going to create drama.

  19. MI should be kicking themselves for not giving Tim David enough opportunities and playing 3 overseas.. that must be so demotivating

  20. I don’t give a rats ass how much Fantasy points Tripathi got. The Gamechanging moment was Bhuvi’s 19th over Maiden so he should be Gamechanger of the match. End of Story

  21. if tripathi wont score that runs, Bhuvi doesnt need to bowl at all. you cant pick with 100% certainity who is game changer. thats whole f*king loop, one exists becoz of other sometimes

  22. This is the worst management of resources I've seen from MI in a season. Still a pretty good team if they gotten their tactics right and this charity shit with giving everyone a chance has literally yielded no result except Tim Dawid can fucking cunt a ball

  23. Still don't understand why they changed their batting lineup so much after the first DC match . Only Surya should have come in place of Anmolpreet once fit

  24. Its okay we lost.. I am happy for Boobie getting his speeds back to 135+ with great line and length.. Umran does look promising.. I am happy for Team India!!

  25. I thought MI would create some sort of record in losing matches, but I checked previous IPL tables and found that DD won only 2 games out of 14 in 2014 lol.

  26. Akash Ambani became greedy at the auctions and put his entire focus in buying Jofra Archer who wasn't even available for this season. This lazy strategy in the auctions has bought wooden spoon for MI this season.

  27. And again continuing with my previous comment when Ishan was playing, He was sucking the life out of this easy chase, I will never understand the hype around him.

  28. I think he's a good player just not worth that kind of price tag, His typical weakness to short lengths needs a lot of work but he can come good.

  29. Nattu was 3-0-34-0 and leaking runs having a bad day. While umran was 3-0-23-3 and breathing fire.

  30. Also, puts us at peace. With the NRR deficit we are eliminated. No need of any stress anymore for us fans.

  31. Kane needs to do his own team favor and step down and take himself out of the lineup. What is wrong with him?

  32. People shitting on ramandeep should know he was suppose to be next fast bowling finisher like hardik pandya. He has a alot of potential with the bat. He is here to stay.

  33. People seriously blaming Tim David after that Kishan masterclass? David is the reason MI even came close to winning

  34. I don't blame him but that runout was an odd choice to say the least. Just let your partner hit a single and get back on strike.

  35. IDFC what pace anyone was bowling at and how much of an “exciting” talent they are. Harsha can suck my dick…the MOTM,Gamechanger and Fastest Best delivery of the match should go to Bhuvi

  36. If SRH had won by a big margin, they would have had some chances to qualify. They are not gonna qualify now, like 99% confirmed.

  37. David made the game exciting and intentionally left to make the table exciting...single handedly increasing the trp of this boring season

  38. But seriously, was anyone expecting a miracle from Bumrah vs Bhuvi? After all, if the roles were reversed, Bhuvi would probably have scored 2-3 runs at most.

  39. Bhuvi literally won India a chase against South Africa by scoring a 50, even bumrah isn't a bad batsman but we have to cut him some slack man facing bhuvi in the death isn't easy.

  40. Probably not but both Bumrah and Bhuvi are capable of getting singles off semi decent deliveries. Bhuvi prevented that off the last 4 balls to keep Ramandeep off strike, and we saw what he could do in the last over

  41. Damn, it's probably GG from this point. No way we getting to playoffs with a side like this. Also Nattu's not been the same since the injury.

  42. This might be the most stupidest run out I have seen in IPL. I mean yeah, he wanted the strike, but he couldn't have waited 2 balls more instead of risking a run out?

  43. I don't typically get mad after losing but what the actual fuck guys ? We defeated GT in a close encounter against all odds but fucked this up ? How, David my man what were you thinking

  44. Tim David should show his gratitude to Nattu and SRH for bowling full tosses by hammering Delhi and beat them by 100 runs at least.

  45. had ramandeep not left his crease before the runout attempt, it would have ended up with either ramandeep getting run out or neither of them getting run out at all

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