1. I would get the Discover It Card if I were you - the regular version, not the student, Miles, or Chrome versions. It earns 5% cash back on rotating categories and 1% cash back on everything else with no annual fee. Discover will also approve those with thinner profiles like yours.

  2. IMO they crush AMEX these days in customer service. Amex is almost entirely outsourced now and they dont give a shit.

  3. Apple Card, Discover, Capital One. Take your pick. Put a recurring bill on it (Netflix, car insurance, whatever). Pay it in full every month (just turn auto pay on). Leave it in your sock drawer until you need it for something else.

  4. Credit cards, if used responsibly, can be an extremely rewarding thing. In the past 5 years, I’m plus $7000 in travel cuz I charge everyday things to it and earn points toward travel, things I would have to buy anyway like food gas groceries, even a pack of gum. Points built up significantly during the pandemic. Unfortunately, a majority of ppl are not responsible and think of it as a bank acct, which it obviously isn’t.

  5. Not only that, but if you rent a car or a hotel room, they’ll want to put a hold on it for incidentals, etc. and you don’t want that done with your bank account funds.

  6. Your partner is right. You'll eventually be screwed over with terrible loan rates when you go buy a car or house if you don't "establish credit." Source: me, who paid for everything in my 20s with a debit card and then struggled to even get a car loan when I needed one.

  7. Are you interested in cash back or travel rewards? If you pay rent you might want to look into the BILT cc. No fee card that gives you 2% back on rent payments, 3% on dining, 2% on travel & 1% on everything else. It also includes cell phone protection abd no foreign transaction fees.

  8. If you’re just going to get one and hold it forever I’d say a 2% no annual fee card like the Citi Double Cash. The extra 1% on everything will likely beat out the 5% on rotating categories, but only you know your spending habits.

  9. If you want a stress free card I would recommend the chance freedom unlimited, it offers 5% back on gas for the first year and 3% on dining and drugstore and 1.5% over everything else forever. While it may not be the best 2% car it does get your foot into the chase system and some decent percentages on dining and drugstore. If that does not sound good then I would say Capital one savor one card, it offers 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, streaming services and grocery stores. While it's not a 2% catch all card it does offer decent percents in the most used categories and opens the door to the capital one system.

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