1. Fuck those owners. I got attacked by a dog walking home from school in 3rd grade, literally walking by a house, on the sidewalk, minding my own fucking business, and a dog snarled at me and jumped at me. I somehow knew to ball up and it started trying to tear my backpack off. I waited for what seemed like an eternity before some dude pulled the dog off. Guess what he said to a scared 8 year old kid who got shook around like a rag doll?

  2. Yeah the cops were actually being quite cautious given the circumstances. They waited to pull the trigger every time until they absolutely had to.

  3. I was going to say it seems like that cop shot a warning shot first because I didn't see any of the dogs get hit but after the first shot the next shot hit one of the dogs. Because they kept going

  4. Lol that article is trying its hardest to make it look like the cops somehow fucked up. Saying shit like "one dog was not immediately killed by the gunshot and officers did not fire a second shot to end its life more quickly." Lol sorry he didn't go Billy the Kid on them. They were there to save the fuckin human being on the ground, not to worry about whether or not the dogs were going straight to hell or stopping by purgatory first.

  5. Where was her concern when her dogs were mauling that dude? She was stood talking 20 feet away. Police turn up and she’s like “whoa whoa 🙌🏻”

  6. She's thinking she's scarred for having to witness it, I'm thinking the poor dude bleeding out will have trauma for life and will be afraid to go anywhere with dogs till the day he dies. Poor guy.

  7. The problem is that most owners dont know they cant control their dogs until something horrible happens.

  8. My neighbor has a Rottweiler that she can barely hold back. Whenever I walk past her on walks with my dog, hers tries to rip her arm out of socket (metal chain leash of course) to attack mine.

  9. People give me shit for sayin that women and small men shouldn’t own dogs like pits or cane corsos

  10. I see so many people around where I live with dogs which are way too big for them. Middle class folk who just haven't got a clue. 2 dogs tried to attack my dog and nearly got to him, pulled their owner over in an instant. Thankfully it was right near my apartment building entrance so I could just get inside. Saw a little old woman with a rather sizable doberman yesterday as well which she had little control over. People are morons.

  11. Usually these videos end with you thinking the police are assholes but the real asshole is the pos negligent owner(s) in this circumstance. Control your pets people and if more than one is too much to handle what the fuck are you doing owning more than one?

  12. I'd add: if you want to own several dogs and you can't control them, you still can walk them one at the time...

  13. Why would anyone think the police are assholes in this situation? Isn't it obvious that the owners are the problem? I mean the dogs literally attacked him, the police is definitely not at fault here.

  14. I feel bad for this cop too. Imagine having to shoot three dogs? Nobody wants to go to work and have to do that. Obviously it’s still better than being the guy getting attacked, but still. Fuck the owner man, what a pos.

  15. What gets me is the lack of emotion when the 3 dogs were tearing that dudes ass up like a double taco bell visit kind of day until they got put down

  16. The selection process on who is allowed to own a dog and which breeds are allowed in the first place needs to be way more strict. Stuff like this sucks for all parties involved, the person that is attacked, the police, the dogs, and the stupid owner. I know the US is all about freedom, but in a society we cannot allow stupid or malicious people to risk the lives of others

  17. The cops seemed to give the dogs each a chance to back off and only shot when they wouldn't stop. It's sad all around but they couldn't just let them keep attacking the poor guy.

  18. Police handled this perfectly. Gave each dog a chance at running away and they all tried to continue the attack. Nothing to be upset about here.

  19. the more i watch the more i realize how good of a job the cops did with that. they made sure the man was out of the line of fire, they shot one dog and gave both a chance to stop, then when another showed signs of aggression they shot that one, then gave the other a chance to stop, then when the last one went for the man on the ground they shot that one. they gave all 3 dogs a chance to stop and showed a lot of restraint.

  20. Article that was posted also said none of the dogs had collars; there wasn't even the slightest attempt at controlling them.

  21. Not in my state. Dog owner is liable for all damages to other dogs, livestock, and personal injuries that occur while said dog is off a leash, or escaped off their own fenced property.

  22. “Omggg how could you hurt my poor innocent pibbles who I have zero control and accountability of that were in the middle of mauling my neighbor!”

  23. I'm really not one to congratulate an officer but, the one shooting. Is just protecting and serving, who cares about the dogs and their irresponsible owner.

  24. Those weren't even her dogs. IIRC, she initially called the police to help and is only crying because it's just a stressful situation all around.

  25. Because they were bred for EXACTLY this. Fight to the death. Hundreds of generations bred to fight relentlessly until either they kill or are killed. People want to act like breed matters for every dog (“shepherd dogs are great sheep dogs!”) except pit bulls. somehow, pitbulls completely dodged the entire point of selective breeding, and are just terribly misunderstood and untrained 🙄🙄🙄 Yes. Let me just train the breed out of my dog rq.

  26. I swear to god dude. So many people that excuse this breed saying "It depends on the owner not the breed". Like stfu these people. You don't see Labs doing this shit all the time. You can't train a selective breeding out of something.

  27. Very aggressive, deadly dogs that are not trained well will do this. Just so happens pitbulls are very aggressive, deadly, and sadly, popular.

  28. Hopefully the owner goes to prison for a few years and owes all her money as restitution to that poor man as well.

  29. If those were my dogs I would expect the same thing to happen. It's unfortunate but some humans do not deserve the right to be animal owners.

  30. The policemen acted pretty responsible I feel. You can see they didn’t want to shoot all dogs, but as the other dogs didn’t leave they had no choice. After all they were attacking someone.

  31. Yeah, they’d have been put down either way. Cops saved that garbage owner some vet bills. Which it looks like she wouldn’t have paid anyway. Hope she’s charged.

  32. As I cyclist (attacked by dogs) and parent to a young child (also attacked by dogs) I am sick of hearing self entitled dog owners excuse their pets behaviour with “He won’t bite, he’s only playing, he’s never done that before… it’s your fault”

  33. This is why recall is so important. If your dogs can’t back off, keep them on a leash. Don’t leave them outside unattended.

  34. A decrepit old hag with huge dogs she can't handle and not a single one of them on a leash and she's worried about the 3 rabid beasts instead of the poor guy they're eating make it make sense

  35. Love how the cop only used force when necessary, you can see him train his gun on the dog and doesn’t shoot until the dog makes a move , job well done to those officers

  36. I used to work in a level 1 trauma center. The absolute worst case I ever saw in the OR was getting called in for a grandma who was taking care of her daughter’s pit bull. The dog decided to maul her to death when she fell in the bedroom and she ended up with basically every limb completely skinned.

  37. Irresponsible dog owners at their finest. Their death is on her hands. If you can’t handle your dogs, don’t have them period. I’m so pissed off at this situation because it is 100% preventable. You are their master and it clearly shows that this lady was not their master, they were hers

  38. Why on earth is this person walking around with 3 Pitbulls? What is the rationale behind this? I simply don't get it. Is it abject poverty that drives people towards irrational thinking?

  39. I fucking hate these people supporting pit breeders by buying 3 pit (probably mixes?) and acting surprised when they all savagely attack a person, animal, or child. These "dogs" are more of a liability than owning a coyote or wolf.

  40. If you don't train your dog then fuck you. Dogs aren't cats or fashion statements. It takes alot of work and patience to raise a good boy. If you don't want to put in the work then don't get a dog you fucking idiots. It's not the dogs fault that he doesn't listen and is aggressive, it's YOUR fault because you didn't raise it right...

  41. Agreed. When I was a kid, maybe 6 or 7 I was outside shooting some basketball and one came running up our driveway and started chasing my cat. They were running all over the lawn with my cat trying to escape and finally the pit caught her and then just started shaking the fuck out of her until she died. To this day I remember the sound my cat made during that. My dad came out and was able to grab the pit and throw it in the back of his truck bed and shut the lid. We called the cops. There was nothing they could or would do. Dog ultimately ended up back with the owners. To this day, I wish death upon ever single living and breathing pitbull. They are nothing but killer dogs.

  42. ya know it’s funny because these look exactly like the “labrador mixes” they advertise in shelters 🤔 “this is Baby and he is 5 years old (rehomed 3 times because he was too active for his owner 😢) (not good with children because of tRaUmA 😢) (not good with other dogs because of tRaUmA😢) he’s just looking for his forever home and someone to love him despite his jaws—I mean flaws!!!!!!”

  43. Ban pitbulls. ‘Its not the breed, its the owners’. Fuck that fake argument, seems to be then the only people that have them are majority shitty owners.

  44. Ofc a hysterical woman follows this incident, shouting omg, and questioning how this could ever happen, without the ability to reflect upon the mistakes she did. Unfortunately, the bliss of being stupid, is that you will never know...

  45. Pit bulls absolutely need to be banned. Or you need to have specialized licensing to own them. And I don't want to hear "buT pOmErAniNs aTTacK MorE pEoPle" because pomeranians don't rip peoples arms heads off.

  46. Man I wanted to be mad at the cops here…. But three unleashed un-collared dogs? I mean it’s like this lady dumped em on the side of the highway and is all upset they got ran over

  47. She’s screaming once her dogs are shot but not trying to stop her dogs from tearing this man to shreds. That’s fucked y’all.

  48. What a shit owner.. my dog is a total dickhead, iv tried everything, he just attacks randomly so I use muzzles and strong harnesses to control him and walk him at unsociable hours.. if ur animal is dangerous then don't have them in public ffs.

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