1. What I take from this is people snap for much less and vigilante is lucky to be alive. The guy knows he’s wrong which is why he’s running away but then he takes a turn; at that point he’s deciding in the moment whether he should end the guy chasing him. Luckily in this case he decided against it. But there have been many road rage cases where people are so hyped up that they take out people just for that; so I feel like it’s only a matter of time before one of these guys does the same. Maybe they think because they’re filming it won’t happen? Stress and anger often eliminate that balance.

  2. It's very nearly a rational action by the pedo at that point. "Oh shit I gotta get outta here, this guy's on to me. Wait, how much proof does he have? hmm.. the penalty for murder isn't much more than the penalty for what he's got on me.."

  3. Not to defend the pedo, but if you think your life's in danger you have a right to defend yourself and who know what this fucking guy chasing him was up to.

  4. Hey bro I won't call the police if you just give me content. (Pedo gives more content than he bargained for) no please stop please bro, please help me help me!

  5. Honestly hate these fake vigilantes they are not saving any children just farming pedos for content. You know as soon as the pedo goes home they are doing the exact same thing again

  6. A big issue here is that you are more likely to lose a self defense case in a jury trial, because you are losing one of the necessary points to being justified in self defense - innocence.

  7. First off, let me say, fuck pedophiles. But also, fuck these little YouTube pricks who think it's okay to taunt people while they film themselves ruining the person's life. They try to act like they give a fuck about kids, but it's really about YouTube fame and views aka money.

  8. But then they wouldn’t get the Internet clout that they’re looking for. If you actually and actively are catching a pedophile doing something illegal in the realm of pedophilia, report it to the fucking police with your evidence and stop doing this gotcha shit, I mean holy shit

  9. Pedo or not you chase someone into a corner you best be ready to fight. In this case the guy with the camera wasnt ready, Im sure he is used to pedos being fat weak slobs.

  10. I wouldn’t be chasing mentally I’ll people if I was so frail that I fell on a branch and claimed it was a blade lol

  11. And here I thought horror movies were unrealistic for having people always run backwards and fall down as soon as they get chased.

  12. Pedophiles deserve all the hate and violence that is visited upon them but I am just waiting for footage of one of these dumb fuck vigilantes who think they have the authority to grab these scumbags get shot or stabbed up. I'm frankly kinda surprised shit hasn't happened yet

  13. The pedos they catch are rarely ever prosecuted and just learn how to not get caught. Fuck these vigilante idiots. They’re just making it harder to catch them. These pedos need locked up, not just their faces on Youtube.

  14. dude went from batman vigilante to bitch within seconds lol and started asking the scumbag pedo for help and if he was okay too lmao. the jean shorts explain a lot lol

  15. What do you expect from people that made their job pretend to be kids online just to talk to pedos? To me they are like pedophiles in the sense they both need mental help

  16. We had a group like this in the town I live in for a few months. Think they were calling themselves Creep Catchers or something like that.

  17. You know, half the time these guys stalk the wrong person and have no idea what they're coming up against. I have no sympathy for these assholes when things go sideways.

  18. From I know where your wife lives to bro bro bro help me real quick. I’m not defending pedos either. So chill

  19. Hey look, If you want to take the law into your own hands and chase pedos through wooded areas, I’m all for it but when you get turned on and shit goes south, don’t cry like a baby and then ask the pedo you’re chasing for help. Sad and pathetic.

  20. The absolute pinnacle of being unprepared. You’re planning a sting on this dude without having any form of defence or backup plan in case things go south? Really?

  21. I like how he falls and cuts himself and then asks the dude who he was tryna chase down for help lol like why tf would he help you after you just cashed after him lol

  22. If you absolutely must chase a pedo down for youtube clout at least don't follow him into the woods while unarmed and alone... TF was he expecting? Free candy?

  23. Jesus this guy is really casual about his mortality until the knife is in his face. Even after he persuades the pedo not to stab him, he goes back to chasing him. Zero survival instinct

  24. Deserved, leave this to authorities unless you know what you are doing. These people will most likely lose everything once exposed so they will probably go after you with nothing left to lose. You are not a superhero but a normal dude.

  25. So, I’ve got zero respect for pedophiles or anyone along those lines, but… this person sought the guy out, chased him while yelling at him, vaguely threatening his family (saying he knows where his wife is), corners the guy who eventually pulls a knife in self defense, then the guy falls and hurts himself, continues chasing him while asking him for help, and then when the car comes along at the end tries to make it sound like he got attacked?

  26. "IM SORRY DUDE DUDE DUDE IM SORRY I'LL STOP" "Pull your guns out hes got a knife!" What a vagina. Pedo is a piece of shit, but when you antagonize a confrontation, expect a fucking confrontation.

  27. Always confront and point out these scum of the earth. All the cowards here saying don't do this is sick. How on earth could you possibly stand up for a pedo unless you are one yourself?

  28. Yes pedos need to be caught but these people baiting and recording these interactions are only in it for clout. Fuck them too

  29. Fuck real child molesters but this sounds like that one guy that was proven to be a drug addict and a felon himself who has fucked up more than one of these cases where the guy gets off scott free.

  30. I'm all for people catching pedos but this guy needs to go back to his day job. Clearly hasn't thought things through. Chasing someone with nothing to lose then backflips when he gets a knife pulled on him.. jeez

  31. Dumb Ass don’t be chasing down random people pedo or not especially if you don’t have nothing protect yourself with. Went from the hunter to the hunted rq.

  32. I hate these people they put themselves in situations like this and r surprised when it gets messy and most of the time they r doing just as much damage

  33. Wtf did that guy plan on using that knife for if it had been a child he'd been meeting up with? Hope the police were contacted and this guy is in jail.

  34. This guys an idiot. He pulled a knife on you so what do you do? Continue to pursue the guy for a face to face chat? No, you leave him be and call the cops at that point.

  35. wtf there are some morons in these comments saying the guy doing this is a loser and he'll never get pedos arrested by doing this. he has confronted hundreds of pedos and made over 100 arrests. he has a super high arrest rate on the pedos he catches. Colorado Ped Patrol. the guy running it Tommy is an awesome dude, his son got sexually abused by someone and that's what caused him to start catching pedos

  36. Exactly, its fuckin crazy reading the comments on this reddit. These guys "hate" youtubers so much they would rather see one almost get stabbed then see a pedo arrested lmfao

  37. I mean a pedophile is a piece of shit regardless, but a normal person following someone yelling I know where you live and I know where your wife is and then charging in my opinion is possibly grounds for a self defense case if something were to happen. Correct me if I’m wrong. These vigilantes don’t realize how cornered they’re making these people and can get hurt.

  38. How are people mad at the guy filming. I don't care how they stop these disgusting people. They get the job done. And he risked his life doing it.

  39. Lots of weird anti pedo catching in the comments section. These guys get actual convictions or make them call family to hold them accountable.

  40. I hate this trend of "calling out pedophiles". He even says in the video he had no intention of calling the police, he's just doing it for internet points. Even if he called the cops, they wouldn't be able to do anything since they weren't involved in the sting. The guy that pulled the knife probably wouldn't be charged for brandishing either because he was being chased into the woods by some random guy yelling at him so to him it was self defense.

  41. The guy doing this is as bad as the pedophile. With the I fell on a blade help me and screaming. Both need prison and Jesus.

  42. You’re out here chasing down random weirdos with no protection?! No self defense skills. Man just stay at home

  43. Pedo’s are bad, they belong in jail. But being some kind of knockoff Batman that scurries away when confronted with a knife is hilarious. These kind of things should be left with the cops/authorities. Not some ragtag batman

  44. Every video I see is getting worse for the guys who approach the pedo by baiting them for a hook up. They’re definitely pushing their limits…🤥

  45. And the bigger loser of the two is the guy looking for pedo content to put on the internet. Then starts crying like a bitch when he realizes he isnt dealing with the normal beta male weirdo pedos.

  46. The crazy thing about this whole situation is that if the pedo actually did cut him, he could claim self defense and win.

  47. I feel like a lot of people here are on the Pedo's side...if these people want to risk their lives to catch these guys, all the more power to them

  48. Not standing up for pederasses. Light em on fire I say. However you should probably be prepared to die for the cause If you’re gonna go around confronting them. Just sayin.

  49. Like I understand the intent, but this is just idiotic... he pulls a knife on you and you CONTINUE TO FOLLOW HIM??? Do you want to die?

  50. Hey guys this is from a yt channel called Colorado Ped Patrol they catch pedos and you should go give their channel a look. They work so hard to keep the streets safe vid link is

  51. I’m more concerned on what a pedo was planning to do meeting up with a kid with a knife on him. Anyway, if you’re gonna be a vigilante, conceal carry. Nobody will be mad about you shooting a pedo…

  52. It's all fun and games screaming "HES A RUNNNNNER!!" In a funny voice until a knife is pulled. I'm surprised stuff like this doesn't happen more often to these off brand chris Hansens. I saw a predator catcher video once where the girl asks the guy why he came and he was brutality honest. She asked him if he knows its wrong. He said yes. He wasn't making up excuses or anything. Well she clearly didn't like how he wasn't really resisting and lying because she didn't have a video where she's the savior who's berating the diddler. He just ended up asking her "so is there anything else or..." and she gave up and let him go. It's nit like she could have held him there anyways.

  53. Seems strange that you would confront a person obviously willing to break the law and not have some defensive weapon on you. Its a matter of time before one of these guys gets dead.

  54. Act like a cop get treated like one. Ever wonder why police have guns? Cause people act like this when confronted with their own bullshit. These vigilante’s are so fucking dumb

  55. 😂 thought the camera is going to save him. Bring a gun next time you play cop and you can shoot the pedophile for charging you with a knife.

  56. Colorado Ped Patrol for all those who don’t know this team! Check out their YouTube channel. They’ve caught so many pedos that are hurting our children. We need more people like this in the world.

  57. No sympathy for these vigilante guys yeah there taking pedos off the streets “supposedly”. from my pov it’s looks like most of them get off on the power trip they get from busting these guys on their own terms this time it just almost cost him his life. Doubt he’ll be pedo hunting from this day on lol

  58. God I hate this guy. Just call the cops and get it over with. He ALWAYS tries to piss off everyone he talks to that I'm honestly surprised he hasnt gotten shot yet.

  59. Those guys are vigilantes, they don’t call the cops they just post it for views and YouTube revenue

  60. I’m no fan of pedos, but the vigilante dudes need to stop. One of these days, someone’s just gonna gun you down in the street, and it won’t matter how many views the footage gets

  61. If you’re going to have the balls to confront pedophiles you better be willing to fight them. If you’re certain they’re a risk to children and they pull a knife, you better pull something better. Not your cell phone to call the cops, back up your confrontation.

  62. That guy has killed to protect his secret before, he was way too ready for this situation. Whoever that pedo is he needs to be forcibly unsubscribed from mortal existence

  63. This is exactly why channels like Anxiety War and other progenitors of this content were shut down and law enforcement refused to further cooperate with them; Because these people are fucking idiots whom have no idea what the fuck they're getting themselves into, and they can't just show up carrying guns like the police can, not to also mention their total lack of authority.

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