1. And also sad. Poor donkey took it for a while before biting the douchebag. Sad to think what happened to it after the fact.

  2. Ya, grew up in a small rural farming community. Donkeys will fuck your world up should they decide to do so. Tough as shit and lack the part of the brain that says stop when somethings beaten.

  3. Used to work on a small rescue farm. They had a pair of donkeys come in that had been abused pretty bad. Second day one of the guys got spooked and bit me. Incredibly painful bite. It was a quick release after he latched on. That shitbags leg is definitely fucked.

  4. I am sure they remember you, donkeys are extremely intelligent and they remember your kindness during a tough time, well done!

  5. His walk became a new TikTok trend around his town. It’s a little dance they do called “the donkey leg”.

  6. He screams like a little bitch. Good on the donkey, I just hope he got sold off instead of staying with this abusive bastard.

  7. That’s what you get bitch!! Donkey is like “keep hitting me with that right leg, I’m gonna take your left leg so you can’t plant and kick from now on”

  8. You let a man kick you once, he's gonna kick you once. You let a man kick you twice, he's gonna kick you twice. You let a man kick you three times, he's gonna kick you three times. You let a man kick you FOUR times, he's gonna kick you four times...... But if you bite off his mother fucking feet. Ain't gonna be no more kicking.

  9. Donkeys will absolutely fuck your shit up! Mules too, mules have been documented killing cougars to protect their riders or herd.

  10. Donkeys are known to be the best of friends that will watch over your herd and scare off predators due to their loyalty and bravery.. but they can also hold the worst of grudges and will never forget something/someone that has wronged them.. a marvelous and interesting creature I hope comes across a better owner

  11. My aunt and uncle had a donkey. Killed a hand full of coyotes in the cow pasture and the eldest once was to be found dragging a lifeless coyote like he was proud at defending the calves that had been born that spring. Never in my life would I ever tempt a donkey with violence lol (to add donkeys have a reputation of sorts about warding off or killing coyotes)

  12. What a little bitch, happy slapping and kicking an animal in the face, but screams like a pansy when he receives a little nibble.

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