1. Wing chun Chinese boxing some people throw some crazy fast fists pretty impressive to watch idk if this is real or not I know they throw punches like this

  2. Isn’t this just wing chun? Maybe it is indeed sped up video but practitioners of wing chun can punch pretty fast..Bruce lee was a practitioner as well we all know how fast he was

  3. The video of the young boxer doing it was better, he went so fast his hands looked like they started to go backwards

  4. Well....looks like rock-em sock-em San really made a difference in his life. Whatever better than being a lightning puncher in the third world?

  5. Let's just say the footage wasn't sped up. How effective would these punches be if they couldn't even knock a bowl out of a dudes hands? It'd be like getting relentlessly swatted by a dozen de-clawed cats.

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