1. I meant on the slowed down speed video, he hit the metal frame with the left shoulder, not the head.

  2. I think the title is calling the bike rider an ahole since the dude that gets it is the bike passenger

  3. Dress your co-conspirator in a guard outfit and have him lift the bar just enough for only you to duck under. The perfect crime.

  4. I’d like to clarify before you the viewer’s confusion begins. The man in the uniform holding the gate is not the asshole. Nether is the driver of the bike or his unfortunate passenger. Unless you feel like people who do not do yoga every morning are assholes. Then possible the passenger in this video is an asshole

  5. That would be the day of the month. Only in US does the moth come first. Most other countries in the world use a dd/mm/yyyy format

  6. Oh he's dead AF... no question in my mind. Dude died and died again and then saw God and God was like, "nope sorry AGAIN!" So he died again and then God was like "sorry, you just hit your face so hard you had to die three damn times in a row"

  7. I’m just a little curious. Let’s say somehow the passenger would have been able to shield his head with his arms. Would he have survived with some broken arms along with some other broken bones?

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