1. Jesus, people get worse injuries than that all day every day without being in cars that are exploding and flying around all over the place.

  2. I rolled my Subaru about 8 times landed upside down in water, I was under for almost 3 minutes. As I was blacking out And panicking I hit the window button and the fucking window rolled down, the engine was the only part of the car out of the water. Then as the window started to go down I felt a hand reaching in and pulling me out. I was released from the hospital with a concussion, small glass cuts and my pinky toe was split down the middle. Morale of the story is Subarus are almost as safe as this vehicle.

  3. Lol what? Were you doing 190mph when you crashed? Into a thick metal cable fence? And then got slammed into by two cars doing at least 100mph?

  4. road racing trucks seems like a bad idea in itself but to do it on high speed rings just seems like insanity.

  5. Huh? You can buy a car this safe if you want to, dude. I guess you’re forgetting the insanely high cost associated with an essentially death-proof car...? It simply isn’t feasible. Also, you don’t need to drive. If you don’t want to die in a car crash don’t get in a car. Same way abstinence is the only foolproof form of birth control.

  6. I know nothing of nascar other then most race cars for all racing are very safe but this is one of those instances where i said "im honestly not surprised if he didn't survive that" but too my shock he did and carried on racing after a bit of recovery.

  7. Honestly, back in 2001, the last time a driver died during a race, I think they’d temporarily abandon and most likely postpone the race.

  8. I have to wonder if he had just walked away on the safety designs they’ve engineered into the cars nowadays.

  9. ? He hit the wall head on at 160 miles an hour in a car with no airbags. You’d have to be either a child or have some sort of learning disability to describe that as a “bump”. He was internally decapitated. What a dumbass comment lol

  10. I was a huge NASCAR fan then and still follow it today. Dale basically did it to himself. He was taking huge risks (no head restraint device, purposely loose belts, open face helmet) and he was such a big figure in the sport, the org basically just let him do this. No accountability. Literally two drivers died in 2000 from the same cause (basilar skull fracture) and still NASCAR didn't mandate a neck restraint device which likely would have saved Dale's life.

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