1. I'm just glad the cop clearly told dispatch that he had 3 armed citizens with him. Imagine how ugly that would be with arriving officers not knowing who is bad vs good.

  2. That's the main problem with situations like this one, unfortunately. In the heat of the moment, an officer might not give clear information situation which leaves other officers in the dark.

  3. Very cool moment watching everyone come together but I can’t help but think putting civilians on the job like that would have extreme ramifications, especially if anything happened to them. Like way too tall an ask. Am I wrong? Where is this? Texas?

  4. The bleeding wasn't bad enough & pressure was being applied, and there were 2 belts thrown out that worked just as well as a sling. Officer 2 had his rifle trained on the 2 downed men since both were alive but seriously wounded at that point & still had their weapons within arms reach so it would have been quite a distraction to undo the sling even with his QDs.

  5. I really wish we had the right to bear arms like that in Canada, we can barely own a pistol and if we do it can't even be used for self defense under most circumstances, so backwards.

  6. Imagine you live in the richest country in the world as an average citizen and having to know what a tourniquet is is a thing.

  7. Imagine having blood and knowing that you should try to keep it inside your body while being rich. I'm so rich I don't even know what blood is.

  8. If your bleeding out a tourniquet will save your life. Doesn't matter if it's a car accident or shooting. Imagine being in an educated society and not knowing what a tourniquet is.

  9. Imagine being so irresponsible and uneducated that you don't know what a tourniquet is or how to use it. It's like knowing how go swim, and it's a far more effective life saving device than CPR seeing as it is 100% effective at preventing death from blood loss if applied correctly to a bleeding limb. Cars and machinery open up arteries a hell of a lot more often than bullets do.

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