1. Yanking them out of your device and bending them too much is how they get like this. Still, they could make these and their computer chargers much more durable and it wouldn’t cost them much.

  2. Third-parties already make much more durable cables, but the user is soon enough greeted by "This accessory isn't supported by your device."

  3. Lemme guess, you use your phone in bed while it’s charging, balancing the phone on the cable on your chest while you hold it? Once I stopped doing that, this stopped happening.

  4. Honestly guys, Apple cables do this, I had an apple phone and treated my cables with care. After a while they all do this, just a matter of time until they start doing this. Wonder why a trillion dollar company can do this? It's a cheap part that looks good. Design over functionality. You spend money on marketing, cheap child labour and inferior materials and you could make as much money as Apple.

  5. I don’t get it either. I’ve had cables straight up die and randomly stop working and they never looked like this.

  6. I take care of my things, I have 30+ year old electronics, computers etc here, all fully functional. Every one of my Apple cables looks like this, except the ones that I've pre-emptively put heat-shrink cable on to protect them.

  7. I have never had a single charging cable look like that in all the years I’ve owned Apple devices. And my first Apple device was one of the first video iPods (in fact I should still have it laying around somewhere with its original charging cable). What the fuck are you guys doing while your shit is plugged in that it looks like that?

  8. I haven’t used an official apple charger in years. I buy cheaper and longer chargers on Amazon. They don’t really last longer than apple chargers but I still prefer them

  9. You have to be really inept at device care for this to occur (or you lend your stuff to those who are or you have a cat).

  10. This is the reason why I hate apple and switched to android. Android makes better charger than apple. I hope apple would redesign their charger materials.

  11. It's not about the material it's about the shape, android chargers have a "spring-like" shape near the metal piece of the cable which increases durability and the iphone chargers don't have that.

  12. Yes, it's the consumers fault for having a cord be anything other than completely straight at all times. Cords are not meant to bend!

  13. Funny, none of my cables look like this but maybe I just don’t treat them like shit. Are you one of those people that plugs in the phone and then uses it and bends the cord beyond 90° resting it on your body?

  14. Hey, I do that all the time with no issues. But I've owned android phones for over a decade and the micro-USB from my first Samsung is still in use to charge my second controller on my ps4. On the flip side my sister has had apple phones that entire time and with the exception of her most recent, all of her charging cables look like this.

  15. they're the only company that gets money no matter what cable you buy for their phone as long as it's certified

  16. I'm on my second iPhone and both cables wound up like this. The Amazon and Anker cables I bought to replace them are still going strong years later.

  17. I think people who are saying "it's because you are bending it too tightly" are missing the point that a $3tn company can't divert a bit of R&D to develop a cable which is nice and flexible along its whole length, which doesn't break when used by their customers in the way most convenient to them, and is cheap enough to include with phones as standard.

  18. I bet people who have these cables regularly tightly wind their cable into a neat little unit, prematurely wearing where it bends.

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