1. This actually raises an interesting question. Is it possible for parents to be punished by social services for extreme and damaging COVID precautions? I don't think it is. I think that as of Dec. 1 2022, citing extreme COVID fears allows parents to get away with any sort of child neglect and isolation. And I also think the COVID hysteria has bled over into fear of sickness in general, which means that parents can also cite fear of RSV/flu/common cold and get away with all sorts of psychotic punishments for their children.

  2. So this woman traps her kids in her home for the majority of their lives now, drags them down with her fears over a cold, doesn't let them see family at all or friends unless they're muzzled, and forces them to stay in their rooms when there are people over. A few years ago, this kind of behavior would have prompted a CPS visit. Not that that matters anyway, since CPS doesn't like to investigate anything that isn't physical abuse.

  3. These kids' immune systems will also be absolute garbage. People keep saying their kids have been sick non stop since life restarted... and these are normal kids

  4. I know, it's liberating to not give a flying fornication. I'm unvaxxed on vacay with my family in Brazil right now, flying on airplanes taking public transport, eating in restaurants, visiting museums and historical sites, having a great time. I can't imagine putting life on hold for a cold.

  5. Same here! Worked in a very high risk environment throughout, tested weekly, not vaxxed, never got it. I refuse to live in fear.

  6. The sub I found this in, is a COVID sub, not saying which, (except not the one I normally pull from). Surprisingly, this has been downvoted some, and several redditors telling this person to talk to a mental therapist. With most of their responses getting the heavy downvote. Of course this person is normal in the COVID sub I tend to pull from.

  7. Saw posts by this user a lot. I genuinely think it's either a) a supreme troll in it for the long haul, or b) a severely mentally ill person. Hoping A, let's face it, it's B though, ain't it?

  8. It's got to be B. Reddit seems to attract the mentally ill or unwell to it. If it is a troll, they are heavily dedicated, but to me, it still says more about Reddit at times and the subs that love people like this. Also, if I have been had by this person being a troll, then I tip my hat to them. They take the trolling next level and seem to be dedicated to the trolling.

  9. Congratulations, you've abused your children and have caused massive developmental delays and most likely complex trauma disorder. I want to say she needs her children taken away from her, but it was the government that brainwashed this woman with this mindset to begin with.

  10. In the comments she said her kids are fine and are very curious and empathetic. Considering her judgment is very seriously flawed, I'd say her kids are royally fucked. Not to mention, assuming this does end for her at some point, this extreme isolation is going to absolutely destroy her kids when they are finally exposed to illnesses and their body has not had to fight anything off for so many years.

  11. Not government. Social media. I think that is the real issue in society. I used to think it was government, but looking at government previously, I don't think that's it. It's the internet & social media in general. It acts as a comforter to these people. Again, pre-2010s, you would have been told by most people, you are insane and social pressure would get you to eventually see these thoughts are not healthy. Now, you go online. People find like minded communities and people who tell them these thoughts are normal. You're no longer seeing posts or people telling you the truth, you're allowed to be immersed in mental illness posited as fact or normalcy. Society would have forced these individuals to dealing with life again, but social media and the internet tells these types, they are normal, and they get their idea reinforced.

  12. So you destroyed your kids’ immune system on a virus that has killed a grand total of zero normal children. Don’t you realize you fucking brain dead idiot that your kids are quite clearly worse off immunologically than they were when they were playing in the dirt and seeing kids? All of my kids got Covid and they were sick a grand total of 1 day and now they get to do whatever the fuck they want. Child abuse and it makes me fume.

  13. Both my kids presumably caught covid when my wife and I had it. Neither were affected for longer than 24 hours with extremely mild symptoms. This is a wild extension of the "Purell everything, sanitize everything" insanity we've been slowly slipping into for the past few decades. The irony is, once they do catch something, it's going to absolutely wreck them and this idiot will feel vindicated that their thoughts were valid because "See what I was trying to protect them from?".

  14. These people lived for years with the idea of "Immune-boosting superfoods". Why did that go out the window? Now they're "My immune is nothing without the latest Pharma shots".

  15. Those kids will have abscesses. That has a real risk of long term issues, up to and including death. Even if it doesn't kill you, it will create real debilitating issues, much worse than "long COVID"

  16. My mom also avoided the doctors for three years because she was brainwashed and scared. She now has terminal kidney failure that could’ve been treated if she hadn’t been so manipulated into staying home anytime she wasn’t working. This is a shame. But to do this to small children makes it even worse. These poor kids don’t stand a chance.

  17. I am sure they think it is completely reasonable to be living this way. They feel a great sense of virtue for giving up their quality of life to perform kabuki rituals that have never done anything. And then they think we are all unreasonable for moving on with our lives and not caring at all about Covid.

  18. That sounds horrible. I haven’t lived a single day different other than having to mask at the doctor a few times. I refused to go to any establishment that required them (one time we took the kids to Disney and had to mask indoors but that is another story for another time I regret it now).

  19. A good example of how we can’t “just live and let live” because the Covidians won’t. Read it through again and notice that the moment they have any power or influence over anyone they force people to bend to their will.

  20. I like that they do this. Makes it easier to spot the clinically insane, so you know who to stay away from.

  21. If people want to be raving lunatics, then that's their right I guess, but I do feel bad when kids are involved. They have no say in the matter, and the clown world we live in not only refuses to help them, but justifies and encourages their abusers. Guaranteed, 10 years from now, the early to mid Gen Z folks will look like normal, functioning human beings in comparison to this Covid generation of kids.

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