1. From the community that "actually cares about others". Remember, guys, we're the selfish sociopaths who need to learn about empathy...

  2. i mean people like this should want transparency about where the virus originated and how it came to be. some people here say its a mild bug, and it is for some, but it also sucks for some people - what almost all of us here agree on is that the palette of mitigation measure have failed hard. surgical masks, stupid ineffective so called vaccines, lockdowns and school closures. none of us are glad the virus exists.

  3. Why all these covidians always sound like brats throwing tantrum because someone stomped on their sand castle?

  4. I hope we get a variant worse than the Spanish Flu. Maybe then people will finally take this shit seriously and wear a mask all the time and stay up to date on their vaccines.

  5. The majority of my friends and family are unvaxxed has had “long Covid”…whatever the hell that is.

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