1. Not sure what is more upsetting to me. The jab virtue signaling or that this dude of Northern-European descent thinks he has a hairy arm. My Greek genes beg to differ.. I'll show you a hairy arm! I have the arms of a wolf-man... there are baby girls in my family with hairier arms than this guy...

  2. Actually people in Northern Europe are quite hairy (the cold you know). Here in Sweden a lot of people have a lot of hair everywhere. I haven’t shaved my legs for two months and they look like shimpanze legs and I’m a woman🙌

  3. You know, Rik, I wasn’t going to ever take a Covid vaccine, but seeing you post this has changed my mind. I’m getting my keys and I’m headed to get a vaccine. Thank you so much

  4. It's funny that he thinks people would laugh at his hairy arm rather than him getting a mouse booster and being a marketing stooge for big pharma on twitter

  5. “I just got my hepatitis B vaccine and you should too!” But I’m not at risk for Hep B. I don’t need it. “YOU GRANDMA KILLER!!!!”

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