1. I’ve never understood this. Why test yourself so much? If you feel sick stay the heck home whether it’s Covid or not. If you get too sick go to the doctor/ hospital.

  2. This is how it's been for the longest time. But now everyone is convinced that being afraid of dying/getting hospitalized isn't enough, you also need to be afraid of catching long COVID even after a mild case or a positive test w/ no symptoms, which will occur inevitably whether you take 100 boosters, test 3 times a week, or do nothing.

  3. You need to test positive so you can feel smug about getting all those boosters because it could have been so much worse!

  4. I agree in theory, but there is a level of just plain curiosity, too, I think. Repeatedly testing is stupid, but if you're knocked out flat from something, curiosity can get the better of you. The key is to keep it to yourself and not tell anyone.

  5. The flu is still here people, make sure to worry about it incessantly and virtue signal about getting your flu vaccine.

  6. Only had 2 tests this whole plandemic. At home tests like this one are terrible. Easier to use a thermometer and the old smell and taste test.

  7. The one good thing that came out of the scamdemic was work. We had explicit directives to call in sick if we had ANY symptoms. So me, as a smoker, had a morning cough almost everyday. Legit worked 4 weeks total during the whole summer 2020 and got fully paid for the rest. Had the brain swab once because my boss was getting suspicious

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