1. Also, she was 96 years old. And if they're really going to go down this route then might I suggest that the jabs fucking did her in. The Omicron booster was rolled out this Monday; who's to say she didn't get it?

  2. I wonder if a vaccine that doesn't prevent you from dying from the virus it is protecting you against is better than a vaccine that kills you directly but protects you against the virus?

  3. Nonsense. She was in the prime of her life. If only we had locked down for another two weeks she might have lived another hundred years or so!!

  4. But what if it didn't? What if the ☠️💉's did cause her death? is it just "ok" because...old? No need to look into it?

  5. Oh thank god she got vaccinated so she died as an honorable queen! If she were unvaccinated she would've died as a filthy peasant!

  6. People don't die from "old age" - organs and systems gradually decline. So death is from things like immune weakness, heart failure, etc...

  7. Serious question: if the people at the top knew the truth about the bullshit why would they take it themselves? Why would they put an experimental drug into someone of that "importance". I mean I've read about a Serbian whistleblower who explained how the government officials got a saline solution in a covid vaccine vial which seems logical

  8. I highly, highly doubt anyone of importance did take it, unless they were out of the loop or standing in the way of what Klaus and his cronies have planned.

  9. If the queen died from the jabs then one can speculate that the heads of Pfizer and moderna are in some English dungeon somewhere

  10. A good many "peasants" are having "complications" from those jabs, but the ones at the top (elites) never seem to have any. Thus I suspect that what we are told about what they had or hadn't got is all a lie. On the other hand, she did "go down" awfully quickly. Normally one would have thought that there would be at least a few months of decline, even at old age. I guess we will never know for sure.

  11. There's no doubt in my mind that the unsafe and ineffective COVID shots did it, or contributed to hear death as it has so many others...

  12. 96 year old woman died? This is obviously the handy work of the rona! Shut down the entire world! Stabs for everyone! Masks all around. We cannot be too safe… and it’s to protect you.

  13. Wow this is a very real tweet. I’m all for talking about stuff but tweets like this are why people think we’re dumb

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