1. Probably bullshit, but if it is real, maybe it's time for the person to consider that maybe that shit just doesn't work?

  2. maybe its not the coof- not everything is the damn coof- i have an auto immune issue- it can mimic this coof but its NOT the coof- (tired/lethargic/ my hair was falling out before i got properly dx/ i get the hives etc) its possible people are writing off serious medical issues as 'the coof' when they need to look for other answers.

  3. Seems like the worrying makes it worse, like placebo: you believe youll be weak so you are. I guess the cool word to use here is “psychosomatic”.

  4. The problem is in his brain. Too much government indoctrination. Guy probably thinks the divine right of kings is valid lol.

  5. Imagine getting four tetanus shots and yet still getting tetanus four times. Obviously the solution is to get more shots.

  6. For context: the most I’ve ever known someone unvaccinated to get covid was twice, both times very mild with no long term effects (over 60, and they probably wouldn’t have even known they had it if they didn’t test. It was like a cold.)

  7. It’s the only time in human history that anyone was genuinely worried that you caught something that was dangerous because you had a cough or chills. Did people (especially 30-60 year olds) just erase that they ever felt like this before in their life? Had they NEVER been sick?

  8. I had Covid twice but was VERY sick for 2 days each time and then by the 3rd day, I was just chilling and loving life. Never had the death shot.

  9. Unvaxxed here and never had COVID (no antibodies..not even one), but Joe’s Winter of Death™️ killed me three times. Dead. Deader. And now Deadest.

  10. I'm sorry but I laughed when I read they got the dreaded coof four times despite all their precaution. Time to reevaluate. At that point, come on, man!

  11. It would be interesting if there were a way to get stats about how hard it affects people who were worried sick about it to begin with. What do I know, but hair falling out in clumps doesn’t seem like such an unbelievable psychosomatic symptom considering the state that some people have worked themselves into over the past couple of years.

  12. Never stopped to ponder if perhaps the vaccines were crippling their immune system? They could also try getting some sunlight and exercising.

  13. These people got so brainwashed thinking Covid itself was this very deadly virus.. 2 years later and they STILL think this

  14. Hair falling out and joint and body pain all over is probably from the jabba dabba doos. CFS could be from both. Hopefully she doesn’t get the omicron booster.

  15. The joint and body pain is definitely a side effect of the vaccines. I had that kind of pain for a month following shot 2 last year (forced to take it for work) and got to the point where I was worried it had given me permanent arthritis. Fortunately it subsided, but it should be noted that I've had COVID several times and never had pain from it.

  16. Erosion of cause and effect here. This also happens to people in addiction; they often flip the problem and the solution. The substance/action physically FEELS like the solution so intensely deep in the rut of reinforcing this that NOT doing it feels like the problem.

  17. i would try for another couple of boosters; at this point, what does he have to lose? also another mask or two, there could be too much oxygen going to his lungs. recommend staying indoors completely to keep the sun away as much as possible; too much vitamin D, he could end up with skin cancer.

  18. I only masked when required to keep my job. Didn't follow guidelines. No jabs. I chew tobacco. Still haven't gotten the vid. Had a couple days in the last 2 years where I had a tickle in my throat (probably allergies). Nothing more.

  19. If this was real any range person might think it's the chemicals injected into the body that is causing the problems, but that's an outlandish thought.

  20. This person has moved from the first stage of grief (denial) to the second (anger.) Eventually she’ll make it to acceptance and stop blindly trusting her politicians.

  21. They made our lives a living hell for 2 years. I don’t feel sorry for them. They get what they deserve for trying to force it on us.

  22. What i have trouble coming to grips with is that a few groups of people thought it would be a good idea to create and distribute a toxin (that's literally what it is) to the global population.

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