1. Simone Gold confirmed she can prove it, it was good enough for me to share… idk if I’d go rub it in anyones face yet

  2. Before I spread this around ... I, too, want more than a tweet about two phantom doctors. That way I look like less of an idiot when it gets debunked.

  3. Obama care for everyone... except members of congress are exempted. Now it's time to vote on whether members of congress should get a pay raise. I think the citizens should get to vote on that. Hopefully, the pay would get voted down to 0. They make enough money off of backdoor dealings and all that stuff. They don't need a paycheck.

  4. Shit, remember the pictures of some public figures that came out of them “getting vaccinated”, and the doctor/nurse or whatever didn’t even have a needle in their hand? Lol

  5. You can't say they weren't forthcoming about it, I give them that. I mean with books like Limits to Growth by The Club of Rome and all the talk of overpopulation it was in the cards.

  6. Pretty sure I saw something like this on the other sub, you know the one. That and about all the politicians and famous people in Europe getting nabbed for fake vaxpasses.

  7. I’ll be honest did anyone buy the horse dewormer bit from Lemon? Like when I think about it, ivermectin has been around forever, and most of us have at least heard of it and know it’s been used on humans for years.

  8. When the people of this fucked up shithole of reality that we live in finally realize that NO POLITICIAN does anything for the people they are supposed to represent. Then and only then can the people make a change for the better.

  9. We got any better proof than this? Cuz this will hold no weight to my ignorant friends with their asses so far up their heads they have poop hiccups.

  10. I'm not sure about ivermectin, but I am 100% certain that most of the politicians aren't vaccinated lol

  11. TLI too little information. Who were those two docs? Was this in congress hearing? 100% confirmed or trust me bros?

  12. In France, Christian Estrosi, a fairly well-known politician (ex-Mayor of Nice, France and ex Minister under Chirac and Sarkozy), got treated by Pr. Raoult in Marseille with HCQ. Then proceeded to badmouth him later on.

  13. we knew this already. but better late than never. the dumdums who are still able to finally grasp what happened will be so mad when that moment comes.

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