1. I don't know if guys would play it like that, with my mates we would all 1 up each other until we are all in agony

  2. Seems like this would eventually escalate to some serious slaps. I took a psych class back in the day and learned about a phenomenon where people misjudge the amount of force being applied to them and respond with greater force. So if you instructed a group of people to line up and only slap someone exactly as hard as they were slapped, even if you had the first slap be extremely light, by the end of the line you'd have people absolutely smacking the shit out of each other.

  3. The tortilla/mouth full of water version is my favorite, because I don't think anyone that wants to seriously hurt you would go through that much setup.

  4. Yeah I think after about 2-3 people one of my dudes is dead or has a concussion or in an actual fight.

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/ContagiousLaughter/comments/uu60gl/hurricane_tortilla/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  6. Her single slap where she got all three had me legit laughing out loud! The second girl from the left is also amazing.

  7. They're playing it wrong. You're supposed to slap your little brother as hard as you can, laugh, and then tell him he won.

  8. The capacity for violence in this game would lead to some very sore bruises if I were to play this with my friends

  9. You one of those dudes that everyone needs on their side tbh because you fuck shit up on the reg.

  10. I wish me and my football teammates did this in college. Would have been choas but so funny to look back on.

  11. This whole viewing experience would've been 1000% better with horizontal video recording. No wonder people can't catch flying saucers on camera anymore!

  12. These games could turn south REAL quick, don’t know why people think it’s a good idea to play them lol

  13. Its a good idea if everyone trusts each other and knows how to take a hit. But im 100% positive that some people saw this game and decided to play it but flipped out the first moment they got slapped.

  14. In the US this game is outlawed. Last time resulted in 6 people being shot. Only one of which were playing. /s

  15. ...i have never heard of this and i live in the US. Also, the police/government cant really restrict you from playing this because we have a right to do whatever we want as long as A) everyone in the party agrees B) its not actually hurting anybody or C) its in your own home and both A and B apply.

  16. Would have been funnier if they would have had some actual play/ games instead of slapping....aargh

  17. I can only imagine what playing this with my friends would be like. There’d be a lot of black eyes and bloody noses

  18. rules are rigged, you could just slap the f outta someone and laugh at your own ridiculous slap and get yourself out and rid yourself of the consequences lolll

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