1. The fact that the Speaker of the House of Representatives appears on a late night “comedy” show in the first place speaks volumes to the unhealthy political culture in the United States. They’re not celebrities…

  2. That was my thought too. I didn't really watch the show before or after Colbert took the role as host but I feel it only became political after.

  3. “Comedy” ha more like hot political bias garbage. Their ratings have significantly dropped since going political and they dont care because they are psychopaths. Leave the comedy to conservatives the only laughs libs get arent with them but at them

  4. He won't put Ron DeSantis on his show because he knows how smart Ron is and won't be shown in a bad light. I've heard Colbert is a devout Catholic. Now I see he is as Devout as Pelosi

  5. I think "Daily Show" under Jon Stewart was the beginning of the end, in the Bush/Obama years that was the primary news source for the left.

  6. Media and politics have been married for a century. The exact format and style have shifted to account for clips to spread on social media, but it's hardly a new phenomenon.

  7. Trump is so rent free in this crone’s mind that Trump could have reached term limit and she would still be lobbying against any prospects of his re-election.

  8. "Working together, we've accomplished so much. And that is beginning to have some appreciation… The president has done a remarkable job, and we have been proud,"

  9. Honest question: is there a precedent for elected US officials to wear the flag of another nation in conjunction with the US flag? I don’t recall ever seeing it done.

  10. Understand that they’re doing this so that when they do lose, they can claim disenfranchisement and the elections were stolen.

  11. Baghdad Bob. Pelosi is on her way out. She would have retired this election, but that would look extraordinarily bad for Democrats and cause them to lose donor support. Pretty much by December of this year she will be announcing her retirement.

  12. Nobody cares about January 6th except the most hardcore of leftists. Harping on about it is hurting the left as they ignore the day to day struggles they've brought upon people. The effect of Dobbs leveled off a while ago, and it's not the gamechanger it was supposed to be. A little bump of course, but conservative enthusiasm has never waned and has been growing the past several weeks. People aren't happy with the endless spending either or the unfairness of the student loan forgiveness either.

  13. So these supposed comedy shows now host Democratic Party pep rallies before elections? Are Democrats charged for this advertisement time?

  14. She's horrible. I don't care what side of aisle one is from, if anyone can honestly say that Pelosi is a 'good leader' — I think you'll find someone truly inexperienced or insane.

  15. Probably had a little too much Tito’s before she went on the show… Old Paul probably drove her… don’t worry, he only had ‘1’ glass of wine….

  16. I'm curious as to what the Democrats have done to warrant her claims. It seems to me that Americans for the most part don't care about pronouns and equity, of course I'm discounting the plebs that believe everything that legacy media and celebrities tell them.

  17. She just acknowledged that they are losing against Trump if he is on the ballot... Seems like a pretty glaring slip up.

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